Once you tried on your favorite dress after the long time it was hanging in the wardrobe. And…you couldn’t clasp it!

So you’ve made a decision to lose a few pounds promptly. Among the hundreds of low-fat, low-carb, crash diets and healthy eating plans you’ve chosen the one, which was found to be ideal for you.

After several weeks or month of dieting you’ve noticed that number on your scales is still the same or have changed insignificantly.

What’s the matter? Why can’t you lose up these annoying kilos?

There are actually various medical reasons, which can be responsible for your weight gain. If your health fails, dieting might be non-effective. The most common of medical causes include underactive thyroid gland, hormonal shift, polycystic ovary syndrome and consumption of certain medications like birth control pills, antidepressants, corticosteroids or hormone replacement therapy.

As any of these disorders develop, your weight gain is frequently probably accompanied by other distinctive symptoms, such as irregular periods, extreme fatigue, excessive body hair growth, cold intolerance etc. It’s worth consulting with your doctor, if you’re suspected to have any health disorders.

1. You don’t perform physical activity

It’s really important to exercise during weight loss, as your diet can ruin your muscles together with fat. Physical activity helps you keep and improve lean body mass and boost fat burning. Moreover, regular workouts can also enhance your metabolic rate.

Prevention: add cardio and strength trainings to your daily routine. Lifting weights can help you shape your body and improve muscle mass. Aerobic activities like swimming, running and jogging were recognized as perfect methods to burn fat.

2. You take too few calories

It sounds absurdly, but it’s not. Researches show that taking less than 1000 calories daily slows down your metabolic rate. Excessive calorie restriction is a great stress for your body. As a result, it begins to produce stress hormone cortisol, which can intensively boost your appetite.

Prevention: avoid starvation and tiring diets to maintain your metabolism. You need to consume less calories, than expend. But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t eat at all.

3. You eat too much healthy foods

That’s right, nuts and cheese are really perfect sources of nutritive elements. But they contain nevertheless too many calories.

Prevention: control the portion, even when it comes to healthy foods.

4. You buy «diet» foods

Wide variety of manufactured «diet» foods is advertised as healthy calorie-free choices. But is it so in reality? In short, not always. Many «diet» products contain as much sugar, as their high-calorie analogs.

Prevention: read the labels. Looking at the list of ingredients can help you understand the exact composition of «low-fat» foods.

5. You’re obsessed with number on the scales

Your weight can vary during the day, depending on liquid and food you have eaten.

Number on your scales may stay unaltered because of fluid retention.

Regular strength workouts grow your muscle mass and burn your fat. As a result, your weight number doesn’t change, but your shape does.

Prevention: measure your parameters and take monthly photos of your body to understand, that scales number doesn’t play a key role.

6. You drink calories

It seems that you’ve cut down daily calories intake, but the weight doesn’t drop down. Review the drinks you take. Do you prefer fruit juice and diet cola? Yes? That’s why you can’t grow thin!

The reason is that the vast majority of beverages contain too much sugar. In addition to this, they don’t give you sense of satiety, as they don’t influence on appetite center in the brain like solid foods do.

Prevention: replace your drinks with calorie-free lemon water and green tea. Remember that alcohol also refers to high-carb, high-calorie product, that can enhance your appetite and cause weight gain.

Your health is a valuable thing; look after your body and your mind so that you can live your life to the fullest on

– Remember you only get one!

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