You try different diets and exercises to lose your extra weight, but they just don’t work. There are several tricks that we think can help you achieve your goal and lose your weight faster and easier.

Try the following :

1. When you eat out, choose the smallest portion available.
It is not always just what you eat. The quantity is extremely important. When you are out with your friends for dinner you can order some small portion from the menu. Always try to satisfy your hunger with small portions.

2. Eating alone is better than with company.
We all want our family and friends by our side when we make diet changes. Unfortunately, it was proven that people who eat in groups eat more. So if you want to lose your weight avoid eating with other people. (1)

3. Be optimistic
Like everything in life, your diet also needs a positive mind. Try to full yourself with positive vibes and positive thoughts. Start every day with a smile, enjoy the food you consume and be happy about following your dream to lose the extra pounds. Meditate and do a long walk. Love yourself and respect yourself. Let the food be the fuel for your life, not the reason.

4. Smell banana when you are hungry
Smelling banana can decrease the need for food. Wait, what!? I will admit it, this sounds crazy, but experts had confirmed that smelling banana or apple would trick your brain and make it feel like you’ve already eaten. When you are too hungry, or it is too late for your dinner just smell some of these fruits, and you will see what will happen. (2)

5. Eat in front of a mirror
Eating in front of your mirror and watching yourself wolf down unhealthy food decrease your appetite and makes you question about what you eat.

This practice can help people eat less and lose weight along the way. Try this, and you won’t regret it.

6. Blue is your new favorite color
The color blue affects our appetite. When you have a blue plate or a blue napkin, you eat less than usual. This color decreases your appetite and makes you feel full for a long period.

As useful tips we can also add the following:

– Drink plenty of water
– Drink green tea regularly
– Write down what you eat
– Eat more fruit and raw vegetables
– Never skip your breakfast
– Exercise regularly
– Meditate
– Avoid alcohol
– Avoid coffee and cigarettes