Quick 6 minute abs workout for good shape

Today we want to share a list of exercises with you to workout your abs. You might have heard of them and even done them. They are proven to be effective and personal trainers in the gym often recommend them as universal exercises, which usually fit everyone.

Another benefit of this set of exercises is that doing them does not require any special sports equipment.

You can grab a mat and do this training in your backyard, if you have no time to visit the gym.

We recommend you skip or run for several minutes to prepare your body for an intensive workout. Let’s try it out! We are looking forward to hearing about your results!

#1. Alternating Reach & Kickbacks

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– Position yourself on all fours with knees underneath the hips and wrists under the shoulders.

– Engage your abs and keep your spine neutral, pulling the shoulder blades towards the hips.

– Lengthen the left leg until it is straight out and in line with your hips while simultaneously raising and straightening your right arm until it is parallel to the floor. Keep your head and shoulders aligned at all times.

– Gently lower your arm and leg back to the starting position and alternate with the other arm and leg.

#2. Shadow Boxing

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– Stand tall with a tight core. Keep your gaze straight ahead. Bring your hands up to shoulder level. Make a tight fist with the thumb on the outside of your hand. Do not wrap your fingers around your thumb.

– Begin in a left lead stance. Your left foot should be in front. Your right foot should be behind. Throw a left lead jab by extending your left hand straight out in front of you and immediately retracting.

– Follow up the left jab with a right cross. Twist your foot and drive your right hip forward as you throw a straight punch with your back right hand. Alternate these two punches. Switch sides when finished with the prescribed repetitions.

#3. Lunge Twists

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– Stand upright with a tight core and flat back. Extend arms to chest level in front of you while holding the weight.

– Step forward with one leg. Front thigh should be parallel with the floor. Drop the back knee.

– Rotate the torso towards the leg that stepped out while keeping arms extended. Push back up to the starting position.

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