7 Best Exercises To Build Up Your Butt Quickly

Like it or not, there are certain exercises that are more popular with women. The gluteus maximus is a muscle that deserves to be included in everyone’s workout routine, whether you are male or female, as it strengthens the back and provides better posture.

Many of the exercises recommended by trainers can be done at home. And you may be able to achieve the same results by going to a gym, if you do them regularly.

– Lunges:

The exercise: while standing, take a big step forward with your left leg and lower your right knee toward the ground without touching it, until you get a 90° angle with your left knee. Be careful, your knee should not go beyond the ball of your foot. Then return to your initial position by pushing with your left heel to contract your buttocks. Then resume the movement and change legs at the end of the series.

Repetition: 4 sets of 15 repetitions for each leg What we work: the gluteus maximus, the quadriceps and the hamstring


The Donkey Kick is a classic to make a targeted work of the glutes. It is very effective when done in combination with the Fire Hydrant because they solicit the entire gluteal muscles. Add an elastic band around the knees to make the exercise more challenging. Make sure you know how to do the moves correctly before you start and learn to spot mistakes.

How do I do a donkey kick? Get down on all fours. Lift one heel toward the ceiling while keeping the knee bent.

Don’t arch your back to lift your leg: start the movement from your hips. Here you should use your gluteal muscles to lift your leg and not try to lift your foot as high as possible. Repeat with the other leg.

3 – The bridge

The pelvis lift is one of the simplest but most effective exercises. It allows you to build up the muscles of the glutes, the abdominals and the back. The pelvis lift is one of the best gluteal isolation exercises. It involves 80% of the area. Lie down and place your arms at your sides. Bend your legs, bringing your feet close to your buttocks. Push your pelvis upward by contracting your posterior muscles to return to the starting position.


Muscles involved: quadriceps and gluteus maximus. Position: feet parallel to the width of the hips, toes turned outwards, stomach tight, chest high. Movement: bend the knees by pushing the buttocks backwards and by bringing all the weight of the body on the heels, then to go up.

Recommendations: to inspire with the rise, to expire with the descent. Think of pushing well the buttocks backwards. For the movement to be effective, favour long series.

Repetition: 3 or 4 series of 20 repetitions with 30 seconds of recovery between each.


Stand with your back to a wall, knees forming a 90° angle. Feet flat on the floor and back against the wall with your abdominals tucked in and contracted. Hold the position. Do 4 series of 45 seconds.


In the initial standing position, arms at your sides, make a jump by spreading both legs and arms until you touch your hands above your head. Landing in this position, perform a second push-up by tightening your legs and arms so that they are alongside your body to return to your starting position. Keep your body straight and sheathed (abs contracted) throughout the movement. Inhale on the split jump and exhale on the second jump. Do several jumping jacks in a row.


To finish, one of the best exercises is the plank. By doing this move, you’ll be able to work your muscles, but also your stability. Stand on all fours on your legs and hands. Then, simultaneously extend your leg and the opposite arm, placing them parallel to the ground. For example, if you raise your right leg, you must also extend your left arm.