7-day lose inches & pounds workout plan for the whole body

Look slim and beautiful every girl wants, but lead a healthy and sporty lifestyle only not many.

Even if you are not fond of dancing or aerobics, do not attend a gym, you can have a slim and slender figure. You need to give the sport for 20-30 minutes a day.

Cons of the plan below, that it is quite heavy, since it is based on the circular method of exercise.

This means that all 5 exercises you will perform in a circle, one approach from each exercise without rest. Then rest three to five minutes, and the circle again. And so from three to five laps.

1. Push-Ups

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– Position yourself on all fours on a mat.

– Place your hands in front of you and shoulder-width apart.

– Now bring your hands in towards the center until the tips of your index fingers and tips of your thumbs are touching. This creates a diamond shape between your hands. Your elbows and wrists should be in line with your chest.

– With your fingers facing forwards, lift off your knees so that your body forms a straight line and just your hands and toes touch the floor.

– Keep you pelvis straight and abs engaged and aim to keep a straight back throughout the movement.

– Bend your elbows and lower your body towards the floor, aiming to touch your chest to the top of your hands. Pause briefly.

– Return to the starting position by extending your elbows and lifting your body off the floor again.

2. Leg Lifts

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– Lie on your back on a mat with hands under your lower buttocks on either side to support your pelvis.

– Legs straight out in front of you, ankles together and feet slightly off the floor. Keep your knees straight and raise your legs by flexing the hips until they are completely flexed.

– Return to starting position.

3. Donkey Kicks

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– Position yourself on all fours on a mat. Position your hands underneath your shoulders and place your knees under your hips.

– Keep your right knee bent at 90 degrees and flex the foot as you lift the knee until it is level with the hip.

– Lower the knee without touching the floor and repeat the lift. Once you’ve completed the reps on the right leg, switch legs.

4. Bicycle Crunch

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– Lie on your back on an exercise mat, keeping your lower back pressed against the mat. Gently support your neck by bracing your hands against the back of your head. Lift your upper body off the mat while bringing your knees to up above your torso and keeping your legs parallel to the floor.

– Extend your right leg straight out without letting it touch the floor. Keep your left knee bent and your left leg parallel to the floor. Using your abdominals, crunch upwards and sideways, extending your right elbow to your left knee.

– Alternating elbows and knees, now extend your left leg while bringing your right knee toward your torso (similar to riding a bicycle), and crunch sideways so that your left elbow extends toward your right knee. Continue to repeat, alternating knees and elbows.

5. Weighted Single-Leg Glute Bridge

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– Lay down on an exercising mat with your back resting on the mat.

– Stating position: Move your arms out by your sides, away from the body. Position your hands such that your palms are facing upwards.

– Applying the force from your heels, raise your hips in the upward direction.

– Final position: Keep raising your glutes in the upward direction until your thighs, hips and back are in a straight line.

– Stay there in this position for a count of one and return back to the starting position by lowering your hips back to the floor.

– Pause for a while and repeat the above steps.