Following are simple exercises that help tone the lower abdominal muscles .

Managing to keep your stomach in shape gets harder and harder over time. Most ab workouts seem to target the middle of the stomach only, but the lower abs usually require the most work. Following are exercises meant to specifically target this area to help you eliminate that pooch and keep it away .


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This exercise is harder than it looks! Build strength, stamina and flexibility all at the same time with this challenging move that comes to us from yoga. HOW TO DO IT: Begin seated, balancing on your butt with your knees bent into chest. Keeping your spine naturally straight, extend your legs and hinge slightly back (avoid rounding your spine), engaging your abs to lift your legs until body resembles a letter V with arms extended on sides of thighs. Make it easier by keeping knees bent in V position if needed. Hold for 30 to 90 seconds. Do three sets. Very good exercise to tone your abs..

Full Plank Passé Twist

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Start in a plank position with your feet close together, then bend your right knee and move it over to your left side. Slide your foot up to meet the back of your left knee by turning your hips to the left and rotating on the ball of your left foot.

Move your leg back to its starting position and repeat with your left leg. Pull your abs in as you lift each leg, and repeat 10 times for up to three sets.

Resisted Leg Stretch

Total Body Stretching Routine With Resistance Bands

Lie on your back with your feet flexed, and bend your knees toward your chest. Lock your fingers together on top of your thigh and extend the opposite leg until it is parallel to the floor. Lift your head and shoulders from the floor by curling above your ribs. Push your hands against your thigh while bringing your knee toward your chest. Switch the same stance with the opposite leg and do 10 reps at up to three sets.

Reverse Plank Hover


Once you’ve mastered the regular reverse plank you can add in some leg lifts. Hold your reverse plank and keep the hips steady and abs tight as you lift one leg off the ground at a time. It doesn’t have to be too high, just a few inches will do. Complete 5-10 on each side.

Criss-Cross Lift


This is similar to the previous beginner one but with more reps. I would also add the Superman exercise for lower back training.20×3

Elbow Plank

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Begin in a plank position propping your body on your elbows with your hands together. Keep your feet just wider than the width of your hips. Begin to take small steps forward as you slowly lift your hips little by little. Your hips should end up in high pike position. Slowly move back in reverse until you reach your starting position. Complete up to three sets of five repetitions.

Frog Press

Frog Press

Lie on your back with your legs turned out and knees bent so that your legs look like those of a frog. Keep your feet flexed and the heels of your feet pressed against each other. Breathe in, and lift your head and shoulders up so that you curl over your ribs. Lift your arms up with your palms down, and exhale as you press your heels and extend your legs 45 degrees. Breathe in, and pull your heels toward your body. Complete up to 30 reps..

The best part about these routines is that no additional equipment is required aside from a towel or mat for personal comfort. What are some of your favorite exercises for this part of the body?

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