7 exercises can transform your entire body in 4 weeks

The complex of exercises for all muscle groups at home for men, as well as for women, is the subject of careful searches and the reason for many hours spent on the Internet. Many are looking for a balanced approach, with which you can achieve an ideal figure without visiting fitness rooms. We have good news: such exercises do exist!

All that is required of you is desire, ability to work, a little free time and space. And no tiring road to and from the gym no monthly membership fees.

Circular training – ideal for home fitness

The system was developed taking into account the data obtained practically in laboratory conditions! The number and duration of the exercises, the effect of training – everything was subject to a meticulous study.

Subsequently, the circular training was well received by professional athletes and became an important part of home fitness for millions of people.

The main feature of this system is its amazing simplicity: the exercises that it includes – basic (twists, squats, push-ups and so on).

You do not need any improvised means, but even a beginner familiar with sports only from television programs can master the technique of performing the complex.

Circular training helps to strengthen and develop all muscle groups, lose weight, and also train the cardiovascular system at the proper pace.

At the same time, you can select the exercises and the number of approaches at your discretion, acting on the principle of the designer. Determined with a goal, select the details of the exercises you need and collect them together, getting the final design ready!

Now check out 7 exercises that can transform your entire body in 4 weeks.

#1. Squats

1. Stand up with your feet shoulder-width apart.
2. Bend your knees, press your hips back and stop the movement once the hip joint is slightly lower than the knees.
3. Press your heels into the floor to return to the initial position.
4. Repeat until set is complete.

#2. Lunge

1. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, keep your back straight, your shoulders back and your abs tight.
2. Take a step forward and slowly bend both knees, until your back knee is just above the floor.

3. Stand back up and repeat the movement.
4. Alternate legs until set is complete.

#3. Plank

1. Get into a push up position, with your elbows under your shoulders and your feet hip-width apart.
2. Bend your elbows and rest your weight on your forearms and on your toes, keeping your body in a straight line.
3. Hold for as long as possible.

#4. Push-ups

1. With your legs extended back, place the hands below the shoulders, slightly wider than shoulder width apart.
2. Start bending your elbows and lower your chest until it’s just above the floor.
3. Push back to the starting position. A 1-second push, 1-second pause, 2-second down count is ideal.
4. Repeat.

#5. Burpees

1. Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.
2. Squat and place your hands in front of your feet.
3. Jump back until your legs are fully extended and your body is in plank position.
4. Do a push up, jump forward and then push through the heels to return to the starting position.
5. Repeat until the set is complete.

#6. Crunches

1. Lie down on the mat, keep your knees bent, your back and feet flat, and your hands supporting your head.
2. Lift your shoulders, squeeze your abdominal muscles and hold for 1 to 2 seconds.
3. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat until set is complete.

#7. Clam Shell

1. Lie on your side with your knees slightly bent and with one leg on top of the other.
2. Keep your feet together and lift your top knee until it’s parallel with your hip.
3. Lower your knee back to the initial position, repeat, and then switch sides.