7 exercises relaxing at the desk, which relieve neck pain.

Do you have a sitting job? All day long seats at the desk bring a very high probability that, time, back or hips. This is because you are sitting for a long time, and this is not good for yourself and your health.

You do not have to be doomed to this kind of pain. To be able to use our services, many hours of work at the desk. A moment’s schedule for exercise not only relaxes muscles, but strengthens them, stimulates circulation and strips concentration.

There is not much time to exercise strengthening and relaxing muscles. Below you can find some examples that they would try to do while working at the desk.

7 Exercises ideal for sitting, stimulating, relaxing and reducing pressure.

#1 seated spinal twist 

Seated Spinal Twist | From Head to Toe: The Ultimate Stretching Guide |  POPSUGAR Fitness Photo 18

#2 cat/cow stretch

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#3 forward bend

How to Do Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana)

#4 eagle arms

3 Prep Poses for Eagle Pose (Garudasana)

#5 chest opener

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#6 wrist and fingers stretch

Stretch of the Week: Simple Wrist Flexion Stretch - Athletico

#7 neck rolls

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