7 foods that can cause cellulite

Malnutrition, exacerbated by a sedentary lifestyle, is one of the key reasons for the development of the orange peel. Harmful substances, fats and slags accumulate in the subcutaneous layer, forming unattractive tubercles and cavities. That is why a healthy diet is one of the main principles of the fight against cellulite, along with cosmetic procedures and physical activity.

We hasten to please: it is not necessary to completely exclude products that can cause cellulite from your diet. An anti-cellulite diet is not a specific menu and meals at a clearly specified time. Also, it is certainly not total starvation.

Of course, you will have to say goodbye to fast food, sweet soda or salty chips. However, most of the products that lead to cellulite can simply be limited, you can eat them occasionally, or replace them by more useful:

#1. Refined flour. It is the worst enemy to our skin and weight. Try to eat the following foods as little as you can: cookies, pasta, white rice and so on.

#2. Dressings from the stores. They are high in calories. You should avoid eating mayonnaise, tomato sauce, mustard and so on. If you want to get rid of flabby skin, give preference to homemade mustard and mayonnaise, vegetable oils and natural sour cream.

#3. Lunch meats. They are rich in fat and salt. So, they are not very useful for your body. Try not to eat sausages, bacon, hot dogs and burgers.

#4. Salt. You should limit eating salt, if you want to be healthy. It delays water in the body and causes cellulite. Furthermore, excess salt also disrupts the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

#5. Dairy products. Be careful with fat cheese and milk. They can lead to cellulite.

#6. Sweets. If you want to have beautiful and healthy skin, try to avoid eating too many sweets.

#7. Carbonated drinks. These drinks contain a lot of sugar, so they are very high in calories and cause cellulite. Replace them with fresh juices and smoothies.