If you want to focus on having a beautiful sculpted upper body, then you must not ignore the back. These are few very effective exercises to help you achieve that.

Arnold Presses

How to Master the Arnold Press | The Ultimate Shoulder Exercise
Compared to traditional shoulder presses this variation steps up the challenge a little. Get on a bench and take dumbbells in both hands, with your palms turned towards you.While you press the weights rotate the hands in the opposite direction, and when you are lowering rotate them back to the starting position.

Front Raise

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This another variation of a traditional exercise that will help you work your rear deltoids. Take a bar with an underhand grip and slowly raise it to your shoulders, while keeping your hands straight. Hold for a second and go back down.

Upright Rows

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Put the bar down in front of your legs, and then in slow motion raise your elbows to shoulder height and make sure you keep the hands close to the body. The arms need to go straight from the starting position to the shoulders.


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If pull ups are too hard for you can always use an assisted machine or something else that will help you do them. Or you can do them while you lie with a bar on top of you and pull yourself to the bar, holding it with an overhand grip.

Renegade Row

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Great exercise for your shoulders, back and core. Get to a push up position, but with weights in your hands. Change one arm rows, while you keep a perfect plank position. Make sure you don’t move your body while you do the row. Try to squeeze your deltoid in the process.

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