Today when we are living in an era where the junk food and sodas are dominant in every day’s diet, the tea is something that maybe said that is among the healthiest drinks that you may consume. The number of different types of teas is constantly growing and perhaps you may wonder which tea is the best for you?

Most of the teas that are having health benefits upon our bodies, but as with everything, there are certain teas that are standing out in terms of their support of a good health. Also there are some teas that are quite specific with the combination of their flavours and aromas.

Overall, you cannot make a wrong choice when tea comes to question. However, today’s article will present to you 7 specific teas and their benefits that they have upon our body, health, and wellness needs.

No Pain Rooibos Tea
The rooibos tea is produced out of the red bush plant which grow in South Africa. The same contains great amount of antioxidants that have a great role in the protection of your healthy cell from the radical damage. The same is good in the fight against different types of diseases, including heart diseases and cancers.

As an antioxidant this tea is also good in the process of anti-inflammation and help the body to recover quickly from certain hard work.

In order to get extra-potent inflammation and pain fighter, you may add some turmeric and ginger into the rooibos tea.

Coconut Black Tea
The black tea, along with the green tea, are among the most popular teas nowadays. The unique colour, flavour, and health benefits are due to the processing stage of the black tea i.e. the black tea is fermented and oxidized.

The black tea is considered as energizing tea because the same contains great amount of caffeine and theophylline, defined as stimulating substance. The combination of these two ingredients, makes the black tea a drink that will keep you more alert.

The black tea is also beneficial regarding your cells i.e. the same protects your cells from potential DNA damage. This is due to the existence of the polyphenols which is defined as an antioxidant.

Recent studies have proved that drinking tea regular, may help you to reduce the cholesterol levels in your organism. If you drink three to four cups of black tea during the day, you are preventing your heart from risks and diseases.

In order to taste a nice flavour, you may find the black tea in a combination with a coconut.

Sunny Green Tea
This tea which is a combination of green tea with papaya and pineapple will boost your energy to the maximum level and will offer you numerous health benefits.

Its health benefits are in terms of: enhanced cognitive function, reduced blood sugar levels, and low risk of different types of cancer.

The green tea is rich with flavonoids and catechins, polyphenols that are considered as potential antioxidants which helps in the process of formation of free radicals in the body. Additionally, these antioxidants are protecting the molecules and cells from any damage.

A recent study has found that those who are drinking green tea on a regular basis every day, may boost the effect of exercise i.e. gain weight loss effects to their bodies. That is due to the three main ingredients that the green tea contains and those are catechins, caffeine, and theanine. These three ingredients together block the enzymes that are responsible for fat storage.

Evening Solace Herbal Tea
If you want to bring your body to a state of relaxation, then the evening solace herbal tea is the right choice for you. The same is a combination of chamomile, mint, and hint of fruit which will make you to relax your body and recover from the day that you have spent. It is medically proven that the chamomile is an ingredient that may help you to sleep better because is promoting relaxation and rest.

Chocolate Haze Mate Tea
Probably small is the number of you who have heard that mate contains an ingredient titled as xanthines which is actually a chemical compound that includes caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline. Those three components are actually stimulants that may be found in the chocolate and the tea.

The chocolate haze mate tea is actually a traditional South American drink that boost the energy and in the same time provides your organism with wakefulness same as the one that caffeine produces, with exception of the side effects that you cannot feel if you consume this tea. It has been scientifically proven that thanks to all that ingredients, this tea is delivering oxygen to the muscles which is why suggested to be drank before performing your set of exercises. Additionally, the mate by itself is delaying the lactic acid in the muscles known as ‘the burn’, which allows to your body to perform exercises for longer period of time, increasing the ability of your body to burn more calories and fat.

Cherry White Tea
The cherry white tea is a combination of green tea, white tea, and cherries. The benefits of the green tea in terms of antioxidant and antiaging properties are well-known to you, so you will enjoy into this taste of the tea completely.

Recent studies have shown that if you are consuming white tea every day then you may help to your body to get prevented of adipogenesis, defined as process of formation of fat cells.
Cherries are so beneficial when inflammation comes to question.

Oatmeal Raisin Black Tea
When you want to taste something sweet and healthy, but in the same time want to enjoy in the benefits of the black tea, then the oatmeal raisin black tea is the ideal drink for you. The same contains blend of raisins, currants, cloves, and cinnamon. The cinnamon is listed among the natural appetite suppressants and will help you in the process of weight-loss.