It is no secret to anyone that as we grow older our body processes tend to change and slow down. Metabolism is no exception.

-Of course, even young people complain that their metabolism is too slow and they would want it to be faster.

-If during your younger years it was enough just to eat well and exercise now it may be quite different.

-There are seven ways, that we are sure about, to boost your metabolism even after you have turned 40.

-The thing is that you have to follow these rules precisely to get the results. You should keep in mind that when you get older everything requires twice as much effort as when you were young.

-#1 Diet Of course that is the first thing you should take into consideration if you want to speed up your metabolic processes.

– Do not overload your digestive system with complex products, opt for fruit and vegetables, nuts and whole grains.

#2 Fiber&Protein Yes, these too are important no matter how old you are. The difference is that there is almost no place for supplements or red meat, which are the well-known sources.

-These days you should opt for almonds, broccoli and beans when you need your fiber and protein levels increased.

#3 Water This one shouldn’t be mentioned but we decided to emphasize that the more you drink the better you feel, the faster all the processes go and quite on the contrary when you do not drink enough.

-As a substitution you can drink herbal tea or smoothies, they work the same as water.

#4 Regime In no case should you skip your meals and if you think that you are only doing yourself a favor – stop right there! When your body does not get what it is supposed to it slows down to save whatever sources it still has since it thinks that you are not going to ‘feed’ it anytime soon.

#5 Workout No matter how old you are – staying in shape not only makes you look better, it makes you feel better and helps all the body processes run smoothly.

#6 Weights It is wrongly considered that when you get older playing around with weights is a bad idea – we think quite the contrary.

#7 Sleep If you follow the pieces of advice given above then you are bound to let yourself rest.

-When your body does not get enough of sleep it will enter the phase of stress, which is obviously not something you want!

TFT Team wants you and those close to you to live a healthy, happy life! Your health is a valuable thing; look after your body and your mind so that you can live your life to the fullest – Remember you only get one!

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