8 arm exercises to get rid of flabby arms

#5 Hammer Bicep Curls

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-This is a version of the bicep curl that many women find gentler on the elbows and less taxing on the shoulders. Grab two 5- to 10-pound dumbbells.

-Stand perfectly straight with your arms by your sides. Bend at the elbows and bring the dumbbells up in front of your chest—but not all the way to your shoulder.

-Keep your wrists aligned with the top of your forearms in a neutral position.

-Slowly lower the dumbbells back down to starting position.

#6 Low Plank

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-This exercise that targets the shoulders while also tightening your abs. (Here are 12 more plank variations for every trouble spot.)

-Lie facedown on a cushioned surface. Make fists and rest on your elbows—which should be directly under your shoulders—and toes.

-Clench your butt tight and engage your abs; push down with your forearms to prevent your chest from sagging.

-Hold this posture, completely motionless, for 15 seconds. (If you are successful in holding this motionless for 15 seconds, try adding an additional 5 seconds per week.)

#7 Alternating Side Planks

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-This move builds on the Low Plank by adding external rotation for the shoulders, a further challenge that will strengthen shoulder muscles and fire the obliques, the big muscles along the side of your trunk.

-Assume the Low Plank, then turn your hips to the side and lift your top arm toward the ceiling. Return to low plank.

-Turn your hips to the other side and lift the other arm toward the ceiling.

-That’s one repetition. Perform 12 repetitions.

#8 Prone to Low Cobra

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-Want to strengthen the shoulders and a potentially problematic lower back? This is the move. Lie facedown on a mat and place your hands under and slightly wider than your shoulders.

– Push your palms into the ground and lift your chest off of the floor while elongating your neck and keeping your gaze forward.

-Think of pushing your chest up and out toward the wall in front of you.

-Lift your chest only as high as your body allows without pain or stiffness in your lower or upper back. Perform 12 repetitions.