8 effective moves to get an hourglass physique

Today, every woman takes care of her appearance. We all do our best to improve the condition of our skin and hair in order to look attractive and feel confident. However, it is also vital to take care of our figure. Slim and toned body is a dream of every woman. A body like this gives us an opportunity to wear the clothes we like and attract attention of the opposite sex. Moreover, toned body is also healthy and strong.

Fortunately, there are methods that can be really helpful for people, who want to lose weight and get an hourglass physique. You probably already know that when one wants to slim down, healthy food and regular physical activity have really amazing effect. This case is not an exception.

Healthy diet will help you to get rid of excess body fat. It will provide you with necessary amounts of energy to perform exercises and gain muscle mass. You shouldn’t maintain any strict diets. It will be enough to quit junk food and eat foods rich in fiber, protein, healthy fats, and other essential elements. Don’t forget to drink enough water in order to boost your metabolism.

However, you should combine your diet with regular physical activity to get the best results. It is just important to choose the most effective exercises. Today, we have decided to help you a little. Here are 8 moves to get an hourglass physique. All of them are effective and simple. You can perform them even at home without the help of personal trainer. They will bring your desirable results in a short period of time. So, try our exercises, and you won’t regret it!

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#1. Push Ups

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Get into plank position and place hands wide apart, supporting your body on your toes. Your body should be straight and elbows extended. Keep abs engages and hips lifted off the floor.

Allow the elbows to flex and lower your chest to the floor.
Pause and then repeat.

#2. Boxing

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Stand tall with a tight core. Keep your gaze straight ahead. Bring your hands up to shoulder level. Make a tight fist with the thumb on the outside of your hand. Do not wrap your fingers around your thumb.

Begin in a left lead stance. Your left foot should be in front. Your right foot should be behind. Throw a left lead jab by extending your left hand straight out in front of you and immediately retracting.

Follow up the left jab with a right cross. Twist your foot and drive your right hip forward as you throw a straight punch with your back right hand. Alternate these two punches. Switch sides when finished with the prescribed repetitions.

#3. Donkey Kicks

How to Do Donkey Kicks: Proper Donkey Kick Form for Strong Glutes | Real  Simple

Position yourself on all fours on a mat.
Position your hands underneath your shoulders and place your knees under your hips.

Keep your right knee bent at 90 degrees and flex the foot as you lift the knee until it is level with the hip.
Lower the knee without touching the floor and repeat the lift.
Once you’ve completed the reps on the right leg, switch legs.

#4. Clams

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On a mat or comfortable surface, lie on your left side. Place your left hand behind your head while placing your right hand across your body.

Bend your stacked knees so that your feet are behind you. Begin the movement by lifting the left knee up while keeping the feet together.
Pause at the top of the movement and slowly lower your left knee down to the starting position.

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