8 effective stomach toning exercises

It has been said many times that getting a flat stomach is not an easy task. but not only the time and amount of effort spent on your workout matters.

We know it may sound surprising to you, since you’ve been doing crunches for hours and we are saying that it may not count.

The truth is that each area affected by fat requires a special approach and if you are unaware of it there is great chance of failure.

There are many people who fail once and come to the conclusion that there is nothing else they can do – gad’s witness – we tried. We are, in no case, going to blame you, sure failure is a demotivation.

To save you from that we have a list of just 8 exercises which will bring you to your desired goal in no time.

#1 Burpees

– Bend over or squat down and place your hands on the floor in front of you, just outside of your feet.

– Jump both feet back so that you’re now in plank position.

– Drop to a push-up—your chest should touch the floor. You can also drop to your knees here, which makes the impending push-up easier.

– Push up to return to plank position (this can be a strict push-up, a push-up from the knees, or not a push-up at all (i.e., just push yourself up from the ground as you would if you weren’t working out)—your choice).

– Jump the feet back in toward the hands.

– Explosively jump into the air, reaching your arms straight overhead.

#2 Mountain Climbers

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– Begin in a pushup position, with your weight supported by your hands and toes. Flexing the knee and hip, bring one leg until the knee is approximately under the hip. This will be your starting position.

– Explosively reverse the positions of your legs, extending the bent leg until the leg is straight and supported by the toe, and bringing the other foot up with the hip and knee flexed. Repeat in an alternating fashion for 20-30 seconds.

#3 Crunches

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– Lie flat on your back with your feet flat on the ground, or resting on a bench with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle. If you are resting your feet on a bench, place them three to four inches apart and point your toes inward so they touch.

– Now place your hands lightly on either side of your head keeping your elbows in. —

-Tip: Don’t lock your fingers behind your head.

– While pushing the small of your back down in the floor to better isolate your abdominal muscles, begin to roll your shoulders off the floor.

– Continue to push down as hard as you can with your lower back as you contract your abdominals and exhale. Your shoulders should come up off the floor only about four inches, and your lower back should remain on the floor.

At the top of the movement, contract your abdominals hard and keep the contraction for a second. Tip: – Focus on slow, controlled movement – don’t cheat yourself by using momentum.

– After the one second contraction, begin to come down slowly again to the starting position as you inhale.

– Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions.

#4 Scissors

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– Lie on your back, with your hands on the ground.

– Lift your feet 30 cm high and cross them 10 times, performing a movement similar to the cutting with scissors.

– Do not take a break, and repeat in 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

– You should not touch the ground with your legs while performing the exercise.

#5 Side Plank and Rotate

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– Start in a side plank position, with your right shoulder over your elbow, your body in a straight line in reach your left hand toward the ceiling.

– Twist your torso forward and slowly place your left arm under your body.

– Repeat and then switch sides.

#6 Plank

– Lie face down in a push-up position. Keep your palms on the floor next to your shoulders and your feet flexed with the bottoms of your toes on the floor.

– Take a deep breath and press up into a pushup. Your body should make a straight line from your heels to the top of your head.

– Draw your navel toward your spine and tighten your buttocks. Look at the floor to keep your head in neutral position and breathe normally.

– Hold for at least 10 seconds and lower yourself back to the floor.

#7 V-Ups

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– Lie down on a flat surface or mat.

– Start with your legs straight, then come up.

– Touch your toes, and then let your torso fall back down

– Bring your legs up into the air, touching your toes again.

#8 Plank Arm Leg Raises

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– Raise body upward by straightening body in straight line between ankles, knees, hips and shoulders.

– Raise one leg, knee extended, until foot is above hip height, while raising the opposite arm, elbow fully extended with hand above shoulder height.

– Hold.

– Repeat with opposite hand and foot.