8 Yoga Poses Which Relieve Back Pain and Can Be Done in 8 Minutes!

Flexibility and mobility throughout the body are very important. However, in this article you can read about hips flexibility in particular.

Nowadays, the majority of people sit at a desk throughout the whole day. As a consequence, this could lead to impaired mobility and tight hips.

Why Are Tight Tips Dangerous?

  • Muscle imbalances- the hip flexors and the front of the hips get shorten and tighten while you are in a sitting position for hours. While you are in a sitting position, the hip extensors, the glutes and the back of your hips gets overstretched. However, this is not beneficial for either of the muscles. The muscles are weakened because each muscle group is not active as it should be.
  • Back pain- with tight hip flexors, overstretched hip extensors and glutes, the pelvis is going to be pulled forward, into an unnatural tilt. Consequently, this will begin to pull the muscles in the lower back, which is one of the most frequent complaints of people who are afflicted with tight hips.
  • Poor posture and balance- since the hip flexor is an important stabilizer of the pelvis, it can cause poor posture and impair your balance.

Stretching out the hips on a daily basis can help you neutralize the hours you spend in a sitting position. Moreover, by increasing hips mobility, you also increase the power and strength in your workouts.

Yoga is one of the most effective ways of gaining flexibility, because of its various hip-opening poses.

Thread the Needle

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You need to lie down on your back. Your knees need to be bent and the feet flat on the floor. You need to put your right ankle over the left knee, like you were making the figure “4”. Keep the hips on the floor, the lower back should be pressing on the mat. While doing this, pull your left knee toward the chest, passing the right hand between the legs.

Grip your hands under your knee so as to stretch the knee even deeper. The right knee needs to remain open in order to stretch the hip. Take deep breaths and hold for 30 seconds at the minimum on each side.

Happy Baby Pose

Happy Baby Pose (Ananda Balasana)

Lie down on the mattress and pull the knees towards the chest. Put your hands on the inner side of your feet. Your knees need to be placed wider than shoulder-width apart. You need to press your back onto the mat as much as you can. Your feet need to be pressed in your hands. While doing this, pull down on your feet, thus creating resistance. Take deep breathes and hold the breath for 30 seconds at the minimum.

Butterfly Pose

Benefits of Butterfly Pose - World Peace Yoga School

Sit on your mattress and bend your knees. Place your hands by the mat. The soles of your feet should be placed together. The knees should be opened out to the side. Open the knees and bring them closer to the ground with the help of your leg muscles.

The stretch should be felt in the inner thighs. To make the stretch even more deep, pull the feet more toward you.

Frog Pose

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This pose is very intense, so be careful not to hurt yourself. In order to do this, you need to get on all fours, your hands need to be under your shoulders and the knees on the mattress.

In a slow and gentle manner, make your knees wider so that you feel a comfortable stretch in the inner thighs. Your calves and feet need to be on the floor the entire time and the ankles need to be in line with the knees. If you can, try to lower down to the forearms and hold this position for 30 seconds at the minimum.
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