All of you want to reduce weight but the cravings in between becomes a barrier in your determination. But this urge and cravings for snacking can be churned into healthy snacks which would be a boost and help you to lose weight and simultaneously your cravings can be satisfied at the same time. When you are on a diet in-between you feel to eat something so now low carbohydrates, high protein snacks while can be easily prepared at home and even available in nearby stores.

Healthy Low Calorie Snacks For Weight Loss:

Let’s have a look a top 9 different types of snacks which can boost your weight loss program.

1. Pineapple And Mashed Avocado Snack To Reduce Weight:

One best fruit while you are on weight loss program is avocado as it quiet your hunger and urge to eat more. If you eat them on regular basis the belly fat can be reduced easily. So prepare a snack and get slimmer.


  • Mashed half cup avocado
  • One fourth cup fresh and canned shredded pineapple
  • Pinch of black pepper along with half teaspoon of hot pepper sauce
  • Spick of salt and
  • Two slices of Multigrain Crisp Bread Slices.

Process to Prepare:

Mix all the ingredients in a glass bowl or container till all of them are mixed properly. Then spread then on the crisp bread slices and satisfy your hunger.

2. Nutritious Chips Snacks To Reduce Weight:

Kale is one of the nutritious and low calorie leafy veggie containing lots of fibre and adding aid to digestion.


  • One cup small sized kale leaves
  • one tablespoon olive spoon and
  • pinch of salt.

Process to Prepare:

Mix all the ingredients in a oven bowl and keep the mix on top of the baking sheet and bake it for 10-15 minutes on 350F and health snack is ready.

3. Tomatoes And Chickpeas Snacks

Chickpeas are one of the healthy snacks which eaten in many ways.


  • One cup overnight soaked chickpeas and boiled chickpeas
  • One small cup chopped fresh tomatoes onions
  • One teaspoon lemon juice and
  • Pinch of salt and small chopped coriander leaves.

Process to Prepare:

Add all the ingredients chickpeas, onions and tomatoes in a bowl and mix then add lemon juice and salt and mix it well and garnish with coriander and eat healthy nutritious snacks and fill your stomach.

4. Hummus And Cucumber Snacks:

Rich in protein and vitamin in this hummus as it contains chickpeas, olive oil and garlic and good for health.


  • One cup diced cucumber,
  • 100 grams of hummus.

Process to Prepare:

Mix both the ingredients and ease the cravings and stay healthy and reduce weight.

5. Cool Mixed Berries Pops:

When you are on a diet you sometimes would like to eat pops now prepare them in a healthy way without disturbing your diet plan.


  • Two cups of washed raspberries and seltzer,
  • 30 fresh mint leaves, half cup of blue berries,
  • Two tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, and light floral honey.

Process to Prepare:

First evenly layer the raspberries, mint and blueberry in the ice pops molds. Then mix honey, lemon juice and seltzer into an even smooth paste and now slowly start spreading the mix over the berries and mint layers. As during freezing it would expand so leave about half an inch then spread the liquid combination and insert the sticks into the molds. Place the stick into the freezer for 4-5 hours and lick them and satisfy your ravings with this healthy pops.

6. Kalamata Olives And Tomatoes Snacks:

Olives is one the best ingredient as it contain very less calories and make you feel full also.


  • One cup cleaned chopped and diced kalamata olives,
  • one medium sized fresh chopped tomatoes,
  • one teaspoon olive oil, and pinch of salt.

Process to Prepare:

Add all the stuffs in a big bowl mix it well and add olive oil and salt and stir them so that it get spreads nicely. Enjoy the snacks and stay healthy.

7. Delicious Cottage Cheese And Cinnamon With Flax Seeds Snack:

Here comes a super healthy snack which lower your blood sugar and beneficial for weight loss.


  • One tablespoon flax seed,
  • one tea spoon of powdered cinnamon, and
  • Half cup shredded cottage cheese.

Process to Prepare:

Mix all the ingredients in a big bowl and stir it well and bake it till the cheese melts. All these would fill the stomach and keep you away from lots of ailments and stop the cravings of food.

8. Tempting Nachos Snacks:

A delicious protein nachos made with apple to boost your metabolism and fight with your cravings also.


  • On apple thinly slices into layers,
  • Two tablespoon powdered peanut butter,
  • One teaspoon cinnamon powder and dry muesli.

Process to Prepare:

First thinly slice the apples and coat them with powdered peanut butter, sprinkle some cinnamon powder to enhance the taste and some dry muesli also. The snack is ready and relishes the taste and stay healthy

9. Healthy Red Orange Muffins Snacks:

Looking for some healthy and no carbohydrates snacks then this is the right one for you.


  • One cup shredded carrots,
  • Two cups almond meal and ground golden flax seeds,
  • One cup finely chopped pecans,
  • Two teaspoon cinnamon powder,
  • One teaspoon baking powder,
  • Nutmeg powder,
  • Some sea salt to taste,
  • Two tablespoon orange peel,
  • Half cup low fat coconut milk,
  • Apple sauce,
  • One fourth cup virgin oil, and
  • Half teaspoon of cream of tartar,
  • Two eggs and
  • One fourth teaspoon stevia to sweetening.

Process to Prepare:

  • First pre heat the oven at 350’F and grease the muffins pan.
  • Then mix all the ingredients apart from milk, oil, egg and honey in a large bowl including orange peel also.
  • Then in a separate bowl mix coconut milk, stevia, egg yolks, oil and applesauce and whisk it properly.
  • Then separately beat the egg white and cream of tartar with electric beater so that peaks form and then transfer it slowly to the coconut milk bowl and mix till all is combined.
  • Then slowly transfer it to the main bowl and beat all are combined.

Slowly pour the batter into greased muffins cups about half full and bake it or 40 minutes until it is baked properly. Then cool it for 10 minutes and remove from the pan and cherish healthy snacks.

Now you don’t need to starve while you are on a diet plan as you can eat a healthy snack which are packed with essential minerals and vitamins and helps to shred some extra kilos. These healthy snacks energize and keep you activated throughout the day and the sometime resist your temptation from unhealthy snacks which can become a barrier in your decision to lose weight. So eat healthy snacks and lose weight easily without curbing your temptation and craving for food.