Fat can show in many different places, from hanging over the belt to making a ring difficult to remove. No matter where it shows up, people simply cannot ignore it or not worry about the unnecessary bulge and ripple. Regarding your health, fat around the midsection is the most dangerous.

According to Samuel Klein, MD, the director of the Center for Human Nutrition at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri, this type of fat is associated with an increased risk of type II diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

Those with large bellies and deep abdominal fat eventually lose sensitivity to insulin, a hormone needed for the body to burn energy.  Consequently, these people are susceptible to a wide range of problems known as metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance syndrome.  More than 50 million Americans are affected by this problem, which comes with an increased risk of type II diabetes.  They also have too much cholesterol and high blood pressure levels.

Abdominal fat is a wake-up call! Blasting the fat around your midsection can go a long way in preventing the health issues linked to belly fat.  Healthy lifestyle can prevent accumulation of belly fat from fat to bottom, particularly the middle. Losing as little as 5-10% of the overall body weight can help you reduce the layers of abdominal fat by 30%.

The most successful strategies for weight loss include a combination of regular exercise and a healthy, low-calorie diet. According to a study done at Duke University, exercise alone can help blast belly fat! Below you have 9 exercises which take only 10 minutes of your time and do wonders for trimming the stubborn, abdominal fat. If you were looking for a way to achieve flat stomach and toned muscles, read on!

1. The Roll
Like on a mat and keep the legs straightened up upwards. The hands should be kept on the sides. Bring the legs down slowly, making sure they are close to the mat. Pull the knees into the chest, go up again, and repeat for half a minute.

2. Windmills
This exercise is similar to the roll, so you need to start by lying on the mat. Go with the legs to the side and drop them on one side near the floor. Make sure they don’t touch the ground! Repeat for half a minute and switch sides.

3. Starfish Crunch
Put the legs apart from the arms while lying on the mat. Keep the arms above the head. Touch the foot with the opposite hand and repeat for half a minute.

4. Mountain Climbers
Put the hands on the ground and keep the body up on the toes. The spine should be kept straight and the knees put close to the chest. Alternate the legs for half a minute.

5. Russian Twists
Sit, making sure the body is on 45 degrees from the floor and the legs on the floor. Twist the upper body and put the hands to the sides. Again, do this for half a minute.

6. Spiderman Planks
Begin in a push-up position. Raise one leg to the side, making sure the knee is bent to an angle of 90 degrees.  Hold for fifteen seconds, switch legs, and hold for additional fifteen seconds.

7. Single Leg Drops
Lie on the back with the arms placed to the sides. Raise the legs to the ceiling and then drop one leg down, making sure it doesn’t touch the ground.  Then, drop the other leg down.  Do this for half a minute.

8. Double Leg Circles
Lie on the mat with the legs straight and start doing circles on the right side. Do this for half a minute before switching sides.

9. Flutter Kicks
Lie on the back, lift the legs, and start kicking the ar. Do this for a minute while inhaling and exhaling deeply.

Check out the video for more in-depth information: