Russian twists

According to an article by Health, this exercise is great for reducing love handles. You’ll need to sit with your legs up and the knees need to be bent. Then, cross the feet for support and balance. As you twist your torso from one side to the other, use a medicine ball or a dumbbell. Keep the legs off the ground.

Side plank lifts

The right position for this exercise is to begin on your side with the elbow, hips, and legs on the ground. Next, slowly raise the body from the ground and pull in your core. Then, bring the body back down, slowly. Maintain the body straight and the abs engaged.

Box jumps

The Box Jump - YouTube

You will need a box on which you need to jump and hold the squatting position. Then, release and step down and repeat again.

Bike crunches

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Old-fashioned bike crunches are simple, but very effective in the fight against love handles. You’ll need to lie on your back with the legs off the ground and the knees bent. Next, bring the right elbow up as you pull the left knee back. You need to alternate between the elbows and legs to simulate a bicycle movement.

Jumping burpee

This exercise will help you target the fat area. You’ll need to take standing position and lower yourself to the ground and then immediately go to plank position. Next, you should jump up into the air and extend your arms above the head. Repeat each position.