Acid reflux: signs, symptoms and causes

Some can not really explain what acid reflux is, others have no idea of its underlying symptoms. We will try to consider the characteristics of the disease and its possible consequences.


– a feeling of overcrowding;

– eructation;

– continuous hiccough;

– weight loss for unknown reasons;

– hoarseness, dry cough, chronic sore throat.


– a strong feeling of constriction in the chest;

– unpleasant sour taste in the mouth and nausea;

– sour or bitter belch in the throat or mouth;

– difficulty swallowing and the feeling that food is stuck in the throat;

– pain when swallowing.


– diet and lifestyle changes, the rejection of provoking foods and drinks,

– quitting smoking, changing the sleeping posture;

– drug therapy, the appointment of funds for heartburn, antacid drugs, –

– neutralizing excess acid in the stomach.