An 8-minute exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles

The abdominal muscles have many functions in the body. They are constantly in demand and are involved in the rotation and flexion of the trunk, in the maintenance of the pelvis and also in the support of the spine. In order to strengthen the abdominal muscles and to get those famous chocolate bars that you dream about at the beach, it is necessary to do some training in the abdominal muscles. If you want to shed all your body fat, here is a program of abdominal exercises that requires only 8 minutes.

On Instagram, sports and fitness influencers often post photos in swimsuits and display their shapely abs. These famous chocolate bars are the result of a balanced diet and a well-tailored weight training program. If you too want to get rid of love handles and belly fat, build up your abs and slim down your waistline, check out this 8-minute routine to achieve your goals.

An 8-minute routine to get the six pack

Before you can hope to get the chocolate bars, you need to lose belly fat to get a flat stomach and work the muscles in your abdomen. There are many exercises to burn belly fat quickly and increase the metabolism for a higher calorie expenditure. Next, you should opt for specific workouts to firm up the abdominal belt. The abdominal plank, the side plank or the crunch are the most popular exercises to build up the stomach. But according to Ebenezer Samuel, fitness manager for Men’s Health magazine, and Sean Gardner, creator of the 6-Week Sweat Off program, there is a very effective 8-minute routine for building abdominal muscles.

This workout should be done twice a week. You can incorporate it into your regular exercise routine or do it on your own. The exercises should be performed one after the other, making sure to allow yourself 30 seconds of rest between each exercise.

1/ Dumbbell arm raise Knee Lift

For this exercise, you will need two dumbbells. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and grasp a dumbbell in each hand. Extend your arms toward the ceiling while pulling your stomach in, then raise your right knee to your right side and bend your elbows. Do the same exercise on your left side, keeping your abs tight. Do as many repetitions as possible for 2 minutes.

2/ Hollow Body Rock

Lie on your back with your arms extended over your head. Rest your back on the mat and then lift your hands and feet a few inches off the floor while contracting your abs. Rock your body forward and then backward until your shoulders touch the floor for at least 2 minutes.

3/ Lunges

For this exercise, kneel on the floor and grasp a dumbbell in each hand. Then lift your right leg and place it on the floor, forming a sort of knee-lunge. Hold this position for 30 seconds and then engage the left leg to stand. Repeat this exercise for 2 minutes.

4/ The crunch revisited

Lie on the floor and grasp two dumbbells in your hands. Bend your legs to 90 degrees and straighten your arms in front of you. While contracting your stomach, slowly bring your arms back to work your back. Repeat this exercise for 2 minutes.