Avoid runner’s knee with 4 essential exercises

The modern world, which is so rich in opportunities, unfortunately makes a sedentary creature going only from home to office and back from a person who has to overcome about 10,000 steps a day.

Naturally, this way of life does not add health to the body.

Pain in the knees very often accompanies modern people.

So, according to statistics, this is the most common problem after unpleasant sensations in the neck and lower back.

The cause of this may be overweight, poor diet and sedentary lifestyle.

However, most often pain in the knees occurs either from direct injuries (stroke, fall, etc.), or due to overload in the process of active sports (running, cycling, training in simulators, jumping, etc.) or household chores.

So, people who run a lot can also face this unpleasant problem. We offer you to try these 4 exercises and avoid runner’s knee forever:

Quads. Stand against the wall and slightly move down to perform a half-squat. Hold the position for about sixty seconds.

Hamstrings. Stand on the floor, place your arms behind your back and slowly bend your body at the waist. Hold the position for about thirty seconds.

Calves. Stand at the wall and place your palms on it. Then step your left leg forward and your right leg back.

Bend your left leg. Hold the position for about thirty seconds.

Lateral. Stand on the floor. Then step to the right and bend your body at the waist to touch your right foot with your left hand.

Do twenty repetitions.