Flat stomach and 6-pack abs are definitely one of the hardest fitness goals that everyone wants to achieve. But, it seems like the belly fat just doesn’t want to go away. If you are one of those who want to get rid of the excess belly fat, we recommend you 4 exercises which you can try. And, the best part is that you do not need to go at the gym, you can do them at your home!

1. Leg Circles

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Lie on the ground, with your lower back flat on the floor in order to avoid pulling a muscle or other type of injury. You need to touch the floor with your head, relax your shoulders and neck, with your eyes looking at the ceiling. Place your arms at sides and raise your legs at angle of 45 degrees off the floor. As you bring the legs closer to the floor, slowly spread them. And at the time when you are just a few inches from the ground, you need to decrease your legs distance and bring them back to the beginning position. As you perform the exercise, you should feel that your lower abs are engaged. In order to make the exercise more intense, you should make smaller circles closer to the floor.

2. V Hold

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Lie on your back with your arms placed to side. Apart your legs at width of your hip and raise them at angle of 45 degrees off the floor. Keep this position as much as possible, but make sure not to feel any pressure in your neck or shoulders, or not to arch your back.If you want, you can use your forearms for support, but keep your hands, arms, and elbows firmly on the floor, and your shoulder straight. You can lift your legs higher in the air in order to make it a bit easier.

3. Leg Hold Ups

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4. Flutter Kicks

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Lie on the ground and use the forearms to lift yourself up. Your arms need to be kept firmly against the body. For more support, spread your hands wide. Raise your hands a few inches off the floor and by lifting the left leg above the right one and bringing it in a direction to the right side as the right leg goes in a direction to the left one, make criss-cross. You need to keep your legs close to the floor as much as you can. During the exercise, to keep your lower back flat and straight make sure to tighten your belly.