Boiled egg diet – lose up to 5kg in 2 weeks

Boiled eggs can help you to reduce weight only in two weeks. Overweight is dangerous for our health. It can cause different dangerous diseases. Losing weight is very difficult process that needs a big amount of time.

Of course it is possible to follow healthy diet. Eat more fresh food including fruits and vegetables. At the same time, try to avoid any sugar drinks.

This diet is very beneficial you will be able lose weight simply. Egg is the most important ingredient. It is known that every person needs a lot of energy during the day.

But to be healthy you need eat right food. Eggs give your organism a lot of vitamins and minerals.

It is a simple product that is tasty and useful. You can do salad from boiled eggs or eat them raw. This diet is the best way for lazy people. You will not do any hard exercises and stay in a fitness club most of time.


Eat 2

boiled eggs and fruits on breakfast.


Take several parts of bread and fruits


In the evening eat chicken with salad.

Change your dinner. Eat fish instead of chicken. Eat more vegetables and fruits it important. Add egg on salad and eat it with chicken. It is the most important ingredient.