Brazilian diet weight loss diet to drop up to 10 pounds in 1 month!

This popular method of losing weight works by reducing the calorie intake, the emphasis is on protein products and healthy vegetables and fruits.

In the first two options of the diet, three meals are provided. In the third option, the popular fractional food method is suggested, meaning 5 daily meals, is a priority.

Any food is allowed after 6 pm. This seriously contributes to more tangible weight loss. If you go to bed very late, then you can slightly shift the dinner to a later time. But, if you are determined to transform your figure, do not indulge in even the most useful and low-calorie snacks after 8 pm.

Sugar, alcohol and fatty foods are strictly prohibited. It is not necessary to completely refuse salt but it is worthwhile to reduce the amount of salt in your diet. Any form of spices in the period of this dietary life should be abandoned. To add flavor to dishes, you can fill them with vinegar and lemon juice, and in certain meals, vegetable oil (preferably olive).

The drinks allowed are unsweetened coffee (preferably a naturally brewed one) and teas of any kind. Since this method of weight loss is based on protein products, it is very important to drink plenty of plain water. This will help your kidneys to function well and to quickly say goodbye to the broken down products that result from the consumption of an overwhelming amount of protein products.

As the abundance of reviews say, it is easier to tolerate the longest, monthly, optionof the Brazilian diet. This fact is explained by the variety of dishes and the fractional food method, which many people adhere to more comfortably. The menu is different almost every day. It turns out that it is quite possible to eat, even moderately, while losing weight.

The Brazilian diet is pretty tough. But, among her other girlfriends, she is completely loyal, as she does not make you hungry, thanks to the availability of protein products in the diet.

It is very desirable to exercise during this diet. This will help with more rapid weight loss and skin tone maintenance. After all, weight loss, especially in the third option, is quite significant and the body can become flabby.

It is important to properly complete the slimming marathon and gradually return to your normal diet by slightly increasing the caloric content of the diet, focusing on healthy dishes, carefully watching your weight and, of course, not forgetting about physical exercise. This is how Brazilian beauties do it.