This workout to burn leg fat will show you how to lose thigh fat using the best HIIT exercises for legs. This will help you burn leg fat fast because you’ll be building muscle and burning calories simultaneously in this HIIT workout for thighs.

All of the exercises to burn leg fat found in this workout are challenging. So be prepared – this is no easy HIIT workout for legs!

There are two parts to this burn thigh fat workout. In the first part, you’ll do 50 jump squats to start out this routine for how to lose thigh fat. Then you’ll move on to the HIIT portion of this workout to burn thigh fat. There are 6 exercises to burn thigh fat in this burn leg fat workout. You’ll do each of the moves in this how to lose leg fat workout for 50 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest.

If you are a beginner try to do 1-2 rounds of this workout to lose thigh fat. If you are more advanced try to do at least 3 rounds of this workout to burn thigh fat.

Here are the exercises to burn leg fat in this routine:

1) 50 Jump Squats HIIT Portion – 50 sec work, 10 sec res, 3 rounds

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Start by doing a regular squat, then engage your core and jump up explosively.
  • When you land, lower your body back into the squat position to complete one rep. Land as quietly as possible, which requires control.

2) Lunge Drives

3) Lunge Drives (other leg)

4) Squat Jack Jump Forward Jump Back

5) Ninja Jump Tucks

6) Deep Squat

7) 10 x 10 (10 High Knees, 10 Inside Feet)