It’s time to stop hiding your thighs in baggy pants and long skirts. Ditch the Spanx and instead get to work with this quick interval workout. It targets your upper legs from every angle while at the same time lifting and naturally toning and tightening your butt.

How it works: Three to four days a week, after a 10-minute dynamic warm-up, sprint for 30 seconds using any cardio machine or a jump rope. Immediately perform the first exercise. Continue alternating between sprinting and the exercises in order. After the last exercise, rest 30 seconds. Do 4 circuits total.

Total Time: up to 30 minutes

You will need: Jump rope, Mat, Pilates ring, Resistance band

1. Clamshell

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A.Loop a resistance band around legs just above knees. Lie on right side with knees bent and stacked, and heels in line with glutes.
B.Keeping hips facing forward and heels together, lift left knee as high as possible, engaging core and glutes the entire time. Lower to start position.
Reps:20 per side

2. Leg Lift

A.Loop a resistance band around legs just above knees. Come to hands and knees with wrists under shoulders and knees under hips. Keeping knee bent, core stabilized, and glutes engaged, lift right leg out to the side and back until upper leg is parallel with the floor. Lower leg to start position.
Reps:20 per side

3. Lateral Walks with Band at Knees

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A.Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart and a resistance band looped slightly above your kneecaps. Bend the knees slightly and lean forward at the hips. This will be your starting position.
B.Take a medium step to one side with your lead leg, then follow it with a little step by your trailing leg, feeling the resistance that the band provides on each step to the side.
Reps:20 per side

Mistakes and Tips:
Avoid locking out your knees during the exercise. Maintain a slight bend throughout the entire drill.
Keep your hips square throughout the exercise. Avoid letting them rotate as you move side to side.
Your knees should remain lined up over your feet the entire time. Do not let them cave inward during the exercise.

4. Squat with Knee Pulse

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A.Stand with a resistance band above knees, feet hip-width apart. Push hips back and bend knees to lower into a deep squat.
B.Keeping chest lifted, glutes engaged, and weight equally over both feet, press knees out 1 inch, then back to start position.

5. Ring Pulse

A.Lie faceup with feet hip-width apart. Place a Pilates ring between thighs. Pressing hands into the floor, engage abs and lift hips toward the ceiling into a bridge position.
B.Keeping hips lifted, squeeze the ring, bringing legs as close together as possible. Pause, then release the squeeze.
SOURCE : www.shape.com