Today we’re talking outer thigh fat – what causes it, why it’s so stubborn, and which exercises you can do to get it working with you, not against you.

Outer thigh fat – like any other fat on your body – is a form of long term energy storage. It’s not inherently bad and it’s not out to get you. That said, it may be more stubborn than fat on other parts of your body – say your arms. The reason for this is that this type of lower body fat is particularly affected by estrogen. In general, the higher your estrogen levels, the more fat you’ll store in your hips and thighs. This is why when many women are losing weight, they’ll find their waist getting tighter, arms getting leaner, their entire upper body getting more definition – but their thighs and butt are the last to get on the weight loss wagon.

If your estrogen levels are within a healthy range, you shouldn’t experience any major issues. However, excess fat as well as a bunch of environmental factors can throw your estrogen levels out of whack causing you to gain and store fat in these particularly stubborn areas.

With that said – today’s workout will focus on: cranking up the intensity to burn more calories and help you lose excess fat AND building lean muscle. Significant fat loss takes time – particularly in stubborn areas like these, so if we build muscle as we go, this will help sculpt and reshape these areas even quicker!!

Remember – outer thigh fat – as stubborn as it may be – is still fat. Working out will help, building muscle will help, learning about hormones will help, but one thing you cannot ignore is your nutrition. Nutrition will play arguably the largest role in eliminating stubborn fat.

If you’re feeling lost with nutrition, I’d definitely recommend taking the body type quiz I’ve linked above. There I’ll take you through a quick series of questions to learn more about your body type, fitness level, and goals, then you’ll get your custom results with what I recommend you focus on first.