Complete Ab Workout For Girls That Gives Effective Results

We all know that a woman’s body is designed differently and so are their minds. While men choose to go workouts to gain muscle mass women do workout to get toned up body. Apart from this, since women give birth they tend have wider hips which affects their knees and hip movement. Additionally due to extra estrogen levels in their bodies women tend to retain more fats. Women muscles are longer and they have more elasticity which makes women’s muscles more flexible.

Keeping these factors in mind, workout for women is designed differently. Scroll over as we share with you an effective workout for women, this no equipment workout can be done at comfort of your home. Keep reading :

1. Oblique V-ups – 15 Reps On Each Side

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Lie on your left side on an exercise mat with your knees slightly bent. Bring your right hand behind your hand. Let your left hand rest on floor. Raise your legs and hips off the floor and bring your knees to touch your right elbow. Get back on starting position and follow 15 reps, repeat on right side.

2. Scissor Claps -15 Reps On Each Leg

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Get your body in crunch position with your legs slightly on the ground. Raise your left leg and bring your arms in front of you and let your hands go underneath your left leg. Clap your hand and return back to starting position and follow the exercise on right leg. Repeat 15 times on each legs.

3. Plank Side Jump – 15 Reps On Each Side

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To do this exercise, get your body in plank position. Keep your feet together, hands firm on the floor and jump your feet together on left side of your body and return back to starting position and repeat on right side of your body. Follow 15 reps on each side.

4. V-sit Bicycle – 20 Reps With Each Leg

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Sit on your hips on an exercise mat with your back straight and legs off the ground. Get your arms over your head and bend your upper body back. You should feel the stretch on your abs. Move your legs in bicycle motion alternating left and then right leg. Follow 20 reps with each leg.

5. Scissor Kicks – 15 Reps On Each Leg

3-D Scissor Kicks

Lie down straight on exercise mat with your hands positioned straight on either side of your body and palms facing down. Keep your back pressed against the floor and get your heels off the floor. Raise your left leg to 90 degree angle with your right feet above the ground. As your lower your left leg, raise your right leg up in same way. Follow 15 reps on each leg.

6. Side Plank Lifts – 15 Reps On Each Side

Side Plank Hip Lifts | Illustrated Exercise Guide

To do this exercise lie on left side of your body, support your body with right elbow and right leg. Ensure your body is straight and forms a straight line. Position your left hand on your waist and lift your left hip off the floor and bring it back towards floor. Repeat the move 15 times and then switch on to right side of your body.

7. Raised Leg Crunches -15 Reps

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Lie down on your back on a exercise mat with your feet off the floor. Position your knees and hips bent at 90 degree angle and palms behind your head. Raise your shoulders off the floor and move your legs elbows towards your legs. Return back to starting position and repeat.