Diet plan that can help you lose 3 pounds in 7 days

When it comes to losing weight, choosing a diet or even just an elementary selection of healthy foods, we focus on the wrong set of parameters: caloric content, fat content, availability of probiotics. In fact, you need to evaluate the benefits of the product according to one indicator – the saturation with antioxidants, because the products most useful for us are those that are maximally saturated with various antioxidants of natural origin.

As soon as the book by Dr. Keri Glassman “Diet O2” appeared in online stores, it immediately got into the top ten “dietary” bestsellers. The secret of success is simple: Glassman offers a new approach to compiling an individual diet. Not the restriction of fatty or sweet, but nutrition by the antioxidant index is at the heart of her method.

The American dietician proposes to give up, first of all, hunger strikes and advises starting to count special ORAC-scores, which are a reflection of the amount of antioxidants in food. In other words, the more substances destroy harmful free radicals, the more is the ORAC-index.

You need to choose only healthy foods that have the right ratio of nutrients, so excess weight will decrease easily. Diet O2 is based on products that have a high level of antioxidant activity. This nutrition plan is an easy way to lose weight, improve skin health and increase your own energy potential.

Day 1.

Eat: yogurt with chia seeds, grapefruit; chicken and spinach salad; milk latte and cashews; cod with lentil-currant salad.

Day 2.

Eat: egg toast with broccoli; shrimp salad; one green apple; grilled chicken with spinach and potatoes.

Day 3.

Eat: banana smoothie; carrot salad with quinoa; olives and cheese; grilled tuna with cabbage.

Day 4.

Eat: salmon pesto tartine; tuna salad; blueberries with almonds; grilled pork with avocado.

Day 5.

Eat: oatmeal with banana and cinnamon; cucumber with guacamole; avocado rolls; yogurt with flaxseeds; salmon baked with spinach and parsley.

Day 6.

Eat: oatmeal pancakes; green salad with bacon; grapefruit with walnuts; quinoa with pepper.

Day 7.

Eat: eggs with oregano and quinoa; red pepper with guacamole; chicken salad; chili beans.