Do you know what is the best time of day to exercise?

We all know that in order to be healthy we need not only to lead a healthy lifestyle, but every day to do physical exercise. However, there is a better time for this? In fact, the ideal time for exercise largely depends on the biological rhythm of your body and your preferences.

– In order to lose weight you need to eat right and also correct to do fitness.

– But physical classes not always burn calories.

– You must do at least 45 minutes to calories burned.

– But at what time of the day is to make these 45 minutes?

– As already mentioned, the effectiveness of training depends on fluctuations in body temperature.

– Approximately 3 hours before Wake-up it is minimal, and the maximum in the second half of the day.

– So in 18 hours it is better to leave exercises to develop strength and endurance, and in the morning it is better to perform the exercise for weight loss.

– Now, I hope you understand, what is the optimal time for sports.

– Practice with the light of the information obtained and achieve results.