Do You Know Your Metabolism Works Depends On Your Age? Tell Us, We’ll Reveal All For You!

Metabolism sounds like a heavy word. We often hear gym instructors, fitness gurus, and nutritionists chanting it. But, ever wondered what role it plays in weight loss and your overall health? How does it work for people of different age groups?

And how can you boost it to make sure your system is running fine? All these questions shall be answered right here, right now. Once you have all these answers and you incorporate the suggested changes in your lifestyle, rest assured this word (metabolism) will change your life for good.

Metabolism is a biochemical process through which the body converts food into energy. The way it works is that the calories that we consume with every meal are combined with oxygen. This combination releases energy, which makes the body function smoothly.

A woman’s body goes through many changes through her life – hormonal, psychological, physiological, and emotional. Depending on the age that you are in, the rate of metabolism keeps changing. So, here’s a quick assessment of how metabolism works for different age groups. And mind you, it can be improved with the choices you make.

The conversation between age and metabolism will sound something like this.

Age: Hi Metabolism, I am a youngster in my 20s. What’s up with you?
Metabolism: Hey, youngster in 20s. I am doing great in here.

This is what I am up to.

Your metabolic rate is awesomely fast. Eat what you want, and it will be digested smoothly. Indulge, baby!
The energy demands of your body are being taken care of by the ample muscle mass you have. That’s the reason you can party till 4 in the morning, and you are fresh as a lily the next day.
Beware, 30s might not be the same if you don’t keep up with healthy eating and exercise.


Age: Hello. I turned 30 last month, what is going on in there?
Metabolism: Hey, It’s going well. Here’s what’s happening:

The systems are getting slower.
It takes more time to digest what you eat.
Weight loss is a hard nut to crack.
Your body has stopped growing.
You are losing muscle mass, so buck up at the gym, lady!


Age: Hey, all well?
Metabolism: Hey, kind of!

Your metabolic rate is decreasing remarkably.
Estrogen and progesterone are playing wild games in here. Your menstruation and reproductive cycles are not at their best either.
And by the time you hit 45, muscle mass will take a hit too.
Try yoga.


Age: You there?
Metabolism: Yes. Tired. But, still here!

Your menstrual cycle has stopped. Happy Menopause.
There’s a sudden weight gain happening.
All muscle mass is being taken over by fat.
You really need to cut down on the calories. The digestive system is at its lethargic best.
Oh! Do not let this conversation upset you. We have kept the good news for the end.

Yes, weight loss, muscle mass, digestive functions, energy levels – it can all be controlled by making these simple lifestyle changes.

Follow this like a rule! Stressed minds and bad lifestyle choices often impact the body negatively. Make sure you assign a couple of hours of your day for exercise and sports. Replace junk with hearty meals. Keep your hygiene score up. Make your body realize she is important to you. Pamper her, and she will keep all physical ailments at bay.

Take time off from work. Go for a relaxing swim. Chew and taste what you eat. Meditate. We often underestimate the power of relaxation and go on like a wild horse. Work and chores will never end. Take a break. Your body needs it. More as you age.

Good sleep is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. As one grows older, sleep problems creep in without any intimation. Wear yourself out to make sure you sleep as soon as you hit the bed. Do all it takes to earn a good nights’ sleep. It is totally worth it. And now that we are talking about it, please stay away from sleeping pills. They will only complicate matters further.

Temperatures play an important role in controlling metabolism. Warm climate reduces your metabolic rate whereas cold climate increases it. No, don’t relocate to snow clad mountains just yet! Just make sure that wherever you are, you are cool enough. Metaphorically and literally!

Include enough protein in your diet. Green veggies, citrus fruits, whole grains, and spicy peppers are your go-to foods to impress metabolism. Stay hydrated. Eat small but regular meals. What you feed your body decides how your body will treat you in old age. Karma, you see!

That’s all, folks! Take care of yourself; your body will thank you for it.