Get Flatter Abs In 2 Weeks With This Fat-Blasting Workout

According to the science, that shifting between periods of severe activity and active rest within the same workout encourages your fat burners as it increases your metabolism for up to 24 hours post-workout (known as the afterburn effect).

That is evident that most of the people don’t give themselves enough time to properly recover between works intervals because they are stacked at the proclamation – harder must be better, explains certified strength and conditioning specialist Robert Dos Remedios. It happens when you don’t rest long enough, and those spikes become more like soft waves, so, that reduces the effect of the workout.

Here we will present you a better, safer—more effective—HIIT-style plan, which is better than doing the greatest amount of work possible.

How to do:
–Start each session with a quick pre-activation warm-up
–Perform Strength Series or Metabolic Conditioning circuit (complete two Strength Series and one Metabolic Conditioning workout each week on nonconsecutive days)
–Don’t risk overtraining.
–The benefits of this three-days-a-week routine are seen in boosting mobility for everyday movement, blasting all your major muscle groups, and destroying fat in difficult spots, such as your abs.
I.The warm-up
Each workout should begin with this three simple exercises to wake the muscles you’ll be training


Image result for DYNAMIC SQUAt gif

–Starting position – Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, arms at your sides (a).
–Extending your arms in front of you and keeping your torso tall, bend your knees to lower your body as far as you can (b).
–Hold this position a while, then slowly push yourself back up to starting position, to complete one rep
Perform 20 reps.


Image result for STANDING BAND ROW gif

–Starting position – Standing with feet shoulder-width apart on top of a resistance band, hold each end of the band and bending your knees, hinge forward at your waist (a).
–Keeping a flat back, raise the band up toward your sides, while your elbows are close to your body (b).
–Lowering return to starting position to complete one rep;
Perform 20 reps.


Image result for JUMP ROPE exercises

–Starting position – Standing, knees soft, your arms at your sides
–Bend your elbows and while jumping make small circles with your arms
–Jump immediately after landing,
Perform jumping for 45 seconds.
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