It is hard, but not impossible to remove the lower belly fat. Flat stomach and defined abs can be easily achieved with the right diet and exercising.

Why is lower belly fat so stubborn and hard to remove?

One of the main reasons, besides the many others, for lower belly fat appearance is age. With age, metabolic rates decline and fat is distributed through the body differently. The hormonal changes that appear after menopause can often cause belly fat to increase.

The importance of lower belly fat removal

The general health of the body depends on the removal of the lower belly fat. This visceral fat surrounds important organs such as the liver, the lungs and the heart. Having visceral fat in normal amounts is needed, but cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes are often caused by excess of visceral fat.

The best products against belly fat

A healthy diet that is balanced well is extremely important for lower belly fat reduction. Fibers are one important ingredient against belly fat. According to medical studies, the recommended daily intake of fiber reduces the excess visceral fat. Excellent sources of fibers can be vegetables, beans and apples.

Anti-inflammatory food products are essential as well. To decrease belly fat, your body needs enough monounsaturated fats and antioxidants. Olive oil and almonds contain monounsaturated fats, while antioxidants are contained in fruits.

Best exercising routines for reduction of belly fat

To improve the health of your heart and to burn calories do cardiovascular exercises. To get rid of the excess belly fat, you will also need other types of exercises as well. To improve the look of your waistline you will need to combine weight training with the cardiovascular training as well. These exercises will help you to decrease fat, increase muscle mass and burn more calories more effectively.

Image result for BELLY plank

Simple exercises such as crunches and sit-ups will don’t help you with your poor looking waistline. The exercises that you do must be functional, which means that they must incorporate almost all of the muscles of your body. For instance, the muscles in the legs, arms and core can be used by doing planks. Hold a plank position for a minute. This exercise will burn more calories, as more muscles are used.