High fiber intake can lower breast cancer risk, according to a study

Breast cancer is one of the most widespread types of malignancy in the US. More than 40 000 American women die from this disorder each year. The main point of cancer is uncontrolled cells overgrowth, which can occur in any part of human’s body.

In breast cancer abnormal cells tend to grow and propagate in mammary glands and ducts. It’s not uncommon for them to spread to other body areas, like lymph nodes, lungs and liver. Even today scientists can’t say exactly, why do malignancy occurs. It was found that genetic mutations play a great role in cancer development.

In addition to this, there is high number of potentially modifiable risk factors, which can lead to unregulated multiplication of abnormal cells. The most common of them are obesity, smoking, alcohol abuse, lack of physical activity, consumption of certain medications etc.

Numerous studies were carried out, in order to ascertain correlation between environmental conditions, diet, exercises and development of different cancers. From day to day new examinations and cure methods are investigated, tested and introduced to medical practice to help patients with cancer to get rid of their problem.

You probably know that fiber can improve your bowel movements and weight loss, decrease risks of type 2 diabetes and even enhance heart work. Recent research adds one more benefit to this list. Specialists from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health have found a link between high-fiber diet and decreased risks of breast cancer.

They collected questionnaires of 90 534 women between 27 and 45 years old, who took part in the Nurses Health Study II. This study was made to determine factors, which make significant influence on female health.

They were asked to fill the same questionnaires each four years, with consideration of food consumption.

In 1998 the participants had described their diet in adolescence and early adulthood.

To make the investigation maximally clear, other factors like race, genetic predisposition, weight, alcohol intake, activity and contraception were removed.

It was found that those, who took more fiber (more than 20 grams per day), had lower risks of breast cancer in the middle ages.

The other find was that consumption of each additional 10 grams of fiber reduces hazards of breast malignancy to 13%.

Experts say that both soluble and insoluble fibers are able to bring benefits.

Where can you find sufficient amount of fiber to attain anti-cancer benefits? Add more whole grains, fruits, vegetables and beans to your eating routine. It’s also possible to fulfill your daily need of fiber with special supplements.

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