High School Hosts ‘Adulting Day’ To Teach Students How To Cook, Clean, And Change A Tire

Many of us in our mid-20s wonder why we aren’t able to do basic everyday skills and why we didn’t pay attention to them in the past. No matter how much YouTube and Google can help us, it would be helpful if we entered adulthood knowing how to cook a meal without constantly checking it, wash our delicate, or set our budget. One thoughtful high school introduced “Adulting Day” to their students.

Lumpkin County High School located Georgia is aiming to teach its students’ life skills before they grow up and need them. According to the principal, Billy Kirk believes, it is highly recommendable to teach students both academics and practical skills before they graduate.

Kirk said:
“We’re trying to teach kids real-life examples. So when they graduate, not only are they college-ready, but they’re life-ready.”

Surprisingly, students are willing to learn these new skills. One accomplished student, senior Grace Wikle, is clearly college-ready. She earned college credit after she took three Advanced Placement courses, as well as five classes at the local college.

However, when it comes to everyday skills like changing a tire, she said ‘Adulting Day’ helped her learn such things. If an accident had happened and she needed to change the tire, she would have to call someone for help.

Wikle told WSB-TV:
“[I’d] call somebody else, call my parents, whoever is on the side of the road. I was not prepared before today.”

Guided by the idea that his kids needed to learn many skills before entering adulthood, he was motivated to host ‘Adulting Day’. He said:

“I have two boys who go to this school. [They are] 18 and 17. I’m embarrassed to say if my kids got stuck in the rain today with a flat tire, they probably wouldn’t know how to fix it.”

Kirk engaged professionals to teach his students a diversity of skills including cooking chicken or performing CPR. The professionals varied form cooks, plumbers, and mechanics, to electricians.

Students are aware that they can simply look up YouTube and find everything they need as info to do stuff. But they can all agree that it was more efficient to learn the skills hands-on and try them right away during ‘Adulting Day’.

It is quite unusual for a school to take a whole day to teach basic skills. And many people are arguing about who needs to teach children how to cook or iron a shirt.

Some may agree that parents should be teaching their children how to do basic skills. As parents are the role models for their children, it is natural for them to learn such abilities whenever they are at home. However, not all families are ready to teach their kids everything, as they don’t have space and time. And the truth is, many students are obligated to different activities, such as sports or academies.

As long as students are prepared for adulthood life, Lumpkin County High School’s ‘Adulting Day’ did a great job. The student will have the ability to deal with every problem that occurs and does their laundry and cooking without any help. They will leave high school prepared to take over the world.