This hips butt and thighs workout will help you lift and tone legs and booty! It contains some of the newest most creative hips, butt and thighs exercises you’ll ever try. These butt and thighs exercises will help you build strength and burn fat at the same time!

There are four exercises in this hips thighs and butt workout. There is no prescribed number of reps for the butt and thigh exercises because everyone is at a different level. First try doing them until failure (until you get tired) to get an idea of how many of each butt and thigh exercise you can do. Then shoot for 2 to 3 total rounds of this hips and thighs workout.

Here are the exercises in this butt and thigh workout:

1) Speed Skater Leg Lifts
2) Dumbbell Swings
3) Tick Tock Lunge Kickouts
4) Explosive Mule Kicks