Are you looking for an effective, short training routine in order to get in shape and save time? It is time to stop looking! All you need to do is to hold a plank! A plank is an amazing exercise that can help you tone and strengthen your body, burn extra fat and flatten your belly.

Despite the fact that planking is very beneficial for your body, it is not easy to understand how long you should actually hold it. Fortunately, fitness experts have you covered! In this article, we would like to tell you how long you should hold a plank to flatten your tummy. By holding a plank regularly, your waist will become slimmer.

Basic Plank

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How long you need to hold a plank to see results D.S is a personal trainer in NY. He claims that in order to get great results, it is important to hold three planks for up to sixty seconds each.

Plank Arm leg Raisesx

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If you are a beginner : If you are a beginner, you should be careful and try to prevent injuries. It is completely normal to start with several seconds of plank and work up to sixty seconds. You don’t have to force yourself to hold a plank longer than you can, as it may hurt your lower back.

Plank Leg Raises

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If sixty seconds is too difficult for you, you may start with ten seconds, relax for ten seconds and hold a plank for ten seconds again. To see progress, repeat this set three-five times a day.

Don’t think that ten seconds of plank is pointless. Planking for shorter periods of time is an effective workout that can help you build strength.

If you are an advanced : If holding a plank for one minute is very easy for you, fitness experts recommend raising the difficulty by squeezing your belly, glutes and quads. You may hold a plank for two minutes or more.