How to Activate Core Muscles

You decided to pay more attention to your core so “activating your core,” is now your new goal. You should know that if your muscles are actually firing, that is in fact what you really need, no matter how hard you work.

The core workout, is key to comprise layers of muscle on your stomach, back, and butt, which supports your pelvis and spine.

What you’ll need: Mat and a 5-10 lb. weight.

Dumbbell Oblique Side Bends
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Great workout that targets your obliques.

–Starting position – standing up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart hold a dumbbell (5-10 lbs) in your right hand with your palm facing in.
–Putting your left hand on your left hip, bend to the right lowering the weight down to just below knee level.
–Engaging your side to bring you up to return to the starting position.
–Perform 15 dips on each side.

Lying Leg Raise

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It tones your lower abs.

–Starting position – lying on a mat, place your arms on the sides on the floor with your palms facing down.
–Slowly lift your legs to a 90-degree angle, keeping your legs as straight as possible.
–Engaging your lower abs, lift your hips up and hold the contraction at the top for one second,
–Lower your legs to the start position.
–Perform 15 reps.

Plank Hip Twists

Hip Twister Plank | 腹筋エクササイズ, ワークアウト, エクササイズ

It strengthens the core and stability.

–Starting position – forearm plank position with your elbows aligned below the shoulders and arms parallel to the body
–Clasping your hands together you will engage your inner thighs for an extra workout.
–Lifting your hips form a line from head to heels.
–Lower your hips to the left side, then on the right side as well. That movement happens only in the hip and your feet can also turn for stability.
–Perform 10 reps, 3-4 sets.