To get sexier, thinner thighs is one of the biggest goals for many women, including celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Minka Kelly and Sofia Vergara.

The workout offered in this article is composed of 4 perfect exercises for your thighs. All you need for performing it is your own body. It challenges your thighs from every angle.

How to do it: All exercises can be done as one quick, calorie-torching routine, or they are simply implemented into your regular fitness program. The exercises are repeated as many times as possible with good form for 60 seconds on each side.

Follow the next exercises

This workout to burn leg fat contains 4 exercises that you’ll do for 20 seconds each with no rest in between. Do the entire workout to burn thigh fat 3-4 times through to burn out the legs if you are looking to lose leg fat.

Here are the thigh fat burn exercises in this workout to burn leg fat:

1) Tuck Jumps (20 secs)
2) Jump Rope (20 secs)
3) Curtsy Lunge Jumps (20 secs)
4) 180 Turns (20 secs)