If you want to get rid of love handles then take full advantage of this routine. This love handle workout combines targeted abdominal moves with a HIIT/Cardio workout to maximize your calorie burn. If you want to go even better results do the entire circuit two times or combine it with a 10 minute cardio session. But most importantly don’t forget to support your training with a calorie deficit to help drop excess body fat.


For this workout routine you will be doing 5 abdominal workouts mixed with a cardio/HIIT move.

You can rest 30 to 40 seconds in between sets, but don’t try to go over that time frame as you want to keep up the intensity.

The only equipment that you will need is a towel for one of the workouts.

The other four will just use your bodyweight.

A workout chart will be provided below showing the amount of reps and sets for each exercise.

Okay let’s get started!


Just as the name suggests you will be performing the crunch motion with a towel.

Not a typical crunch as this one is more of a total body move that will make use of multiple joints, therefore, increasing calorie burn.

How to do it

  • Get into the starting position as shown in the image above holding a small towel pulling with both hands above your knees.
  • You’re going to pull your knees inwards to your chest while putting the towel under your thighs as shown in the last position in the image above.
  • Then pull the towel back over your feet going back to the starting position, that completes one rep.

Note: Maintain tension on the towel by pulling it apart, this will also increase calorie burn.


One of the best things about this workout is the amount of abdominal muscles activated during motion.

You will be hitting those obliques, lower and upper abs and transverse abdominis.

And it’s quite easy on the back as you only needed to lift your shoulders slightly off the ground.

How to do it

  • Get into the starting position A as shown in the image above, lying down on your back in a starfish position with legs wide apart and hands behind your head.
  • Now close the gap between your legs as shown in position B with legs still hovering over the ground.
  • You’re going to perform a crunch by pulling your knees inwards and lifting your shoulders off the ground.
  • At this point your abs should be contracted as tight as possible, hold for one second then return to position A and repeat.

Note: For every rep make sure to contract your abs when in position C. Remember, it’s not the amount of reps that you can do, it’s the quality of the reps that matter.


For this workout you’ll be hitting your lower abdominals as your legs won’t be touching the ground.

How to do it

  • Lie down on your back as shown in the starting position in the image above holding your left knee inwards to your chest.
  • Now switch legs then hold your right knee inwards to your chest, hold for one second while contracting your abs.
  • Perform the required amount of reps for the specified time frame on the chart below.


To be completely honest this workout is going to challenge you.

Really, it’s going to.

But remember what we’re trying to do here, that is taking our body out of it’s comfort zone and pushing it to its natural limit.

Now with that being said, this workout might be hard for persons who have a higher body fat percentage and is very heavy.

If you think you can’t perform this workout out then you can skip it and move on to the other.

But for those of you who have slightly lower body fat percentage but still have love handles, you should do it.

Note: The workout video further below will demonstrate each workout so you can perform them correctly.

How to do it

  • Get into the starting position as shown in the image above on your left elbow in the side plank position.
  • Raise your right leg upwards keeping it straight.
  • Now slightly lower your right leg but pull it inwards creating a 90 degree angle with your right leg.
  • Then you’re going to twist your 90 degree angled right leg downwards to the floor still maintaining a side plank position.
  • Hold that position for one second then return to the original starting starting point and repeat.

Note: The rep count for each set is very low for this workout. So try to get as many high quality reps and don’t go too fast. By high-quality we mean doing it in proper form.


A love handle workout could never be complete without HIIT/Cardio move.

For this workout you will be using multiple joints throughout the movement therefore maximizing calorie burn.

When you use multiple joints during a workout it requires more energy throughout your body.

That’s good news for those of us who want to melt stubborn body fat.

On top of that this workout is quite fun to do!

How to do it

  • Perform a jumping jack widening your legs and hands above your head creating a star motion.
  • After a jump jack you’re going to perform a kick with your right leg.
  • Now perform another jumping jack  but this time kick with your left leg. So make sure to alternate legs after each jumping jack.

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