Sometimes no matter what we do we can’t lose our extra pounds. We have exhausted diets and workouts, but we continue gaining weight. As we know our metabolism is regulated by numerous of hormones. If there is some hormonal imbalance, we suffer from different issues. So if you can’t lose your weight, you should consult your doctor and check your hormones. When you regulate the imbalance, then you will lose your extra pounds easily.

Here you can find how hormones can influence your weight and what you should do to turn off their weight gain effects.

1. Insulin

Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas. It converts sugar from foods into energy and stores fats in our bodies. In some cases, the excessive consummation of carbs can cause insulin resistance, and our body’s cells can’t perceive insulin as needed. Our pancreas will continue to produce insulin more and more, and our body will suffer from hyperproduction of insulin. It leads to obesity and metabolic syndrome. I order to prevent this condition you should reduce the intake of sugars and refined carbs. Also, try to drink plenty of water and to eat more protein and omega-3 fats. (1)

2. Cortisol

Cortisol is also known as a stress hormone. It is confirmed that stress boosts our hunger and in many cases leads to overeating and if we don’t reduce it may lead to obesity. Increased levels of cortisol also cause higher insulin levels, our blood sugar drops and we crave sugary and fatty foods. To prevent all this, you should try to reduce the stress as much as you can. Start doing yoga or meditation. It will help you calm your body and relax. (2)

3. Leptin

Leptin is called satiety hormone. It is made by adipose tissue, and it is secreted into the circulatory system. Leptin travels to the hypothalamus and tells him that we have enough fat, so we can stop eating. It is confirmed that the more fat we have, the more leptin is produced. It also boosts our metabolism and helps us lose weight.

You can enhance leptin sensitivity by consuming more fish, avocados, berries, and grapes. Also try to avoid chips, cookies and fast food. (3)

4. Ghrelin

This hormone is produced when we don’t eat for a long time. After our meals, the ghrelin levels are very low. It is confirmed that in obese people ghrelin decreases after eating more slightly and the hypothalamus can’t give a strong signal about satiety. To control ghrelin, you should consume more proteins and avoid sweetened foods and beverages.

So If you are one of the numerous of people who have problems with weight loss, you should immediately consult your doctor and try to regulate your hormones levels.

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