How to use bananas to whiten teeth

Whitening teeth with age is not just a tribute to fashion and the desire to be beautiful, but also an urgent need, because with age, tooth enamel has the property to darken. If you add smoking and coffee to this, the picture is far from the most beautiful.

Sooner or later the issue of teeth whitening becomes acute in front of each of us. Someone’s enamel darkens from frequent drinking of coffee, someone smokes, but someone’s enamel is not the lightest by nature. Of course, you can go to the dental clinic for bleaching.

However, not all can afford to spend a large amount of money simply on teeth whitening. Moreover, a good result can be achieved simply by using improvised means.

Bleaching with the help of banana is one of the safest types, since it does not damage tooth enamel, and affects the mucous membrane of the mouth absolutely neutral.

To perform the whitening procedure, you will need your toothpaste, a toothbrush and a piece of banana peel. Agree, a very modest set of necessary products, which definitely will not make your wallet empty. Before starting the bleaching procedure, be sure to brush your teeth to clean the plaque.

Then, take the peel from the banana and grate it well on the teeth for 3 minutes. Then brush your teeth again with a paste. Always clean the banana from the lower end, so there will be no hang strings that can interfere with whitening.

Ideally, this procedure should be done in the morning and evening as a permanent care. Naturally, the banana skin should be fresh every time.

The main thing is to train yourself to the procedure and do not forget to perform it. The effect is visible in a week.

Due to the content of magnesium in the composition, the daily use of bananas, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and helps the body overcome stresses.

By the way, if you plan on constantly brushing your teeth with a banana peel, you can cut the peel into pieces and put them in the freezer.

The effect of using frozen peel will not change (you should defrost it before use), and you do not have to buy a new portion of bananas every day. Also, you can try banana rinsing.

Chop the banana balls with a fork and fill with warm water, let it brew for 10 minutes – it is ready. Rashes growth is such a straightforward solution after drinking coffee or tea