How women should work out at their 20s, 35s and 60s

Every woman wants to be slim, attractive and healthy at any age but we all know that when we get older our body changes. It is impossible to stop aging but it is possible to maintain a good physical shape for a long time.

Most women experience psychological and biological changes after the age of 40 leading to weight gain and nervous disorders.

The only way to maintain your health is to start exercising.

Physical exercises help not only slim down but improve your mood, cleanse the body from toxins and rejuvenate it. Regular exercises are good for everyone but you need to plan your training ahead.

Scroll down to learn how to create workout routines for women of any age.

How women should work out at their 20s

Leg swings and crunches are great things but you should pay attention to the basic exercises that will strengthen your core.

Keep in mind that you should exercise to develop stability, strength and flexibility. It is better to hit the gym as weight training will improve your health and relieve stress. Get yourself the useful habit of going to the gym instead of eating chocolate and drinking wine when you feel anxiety.

How women should work out at their 35s

Now you should plan your workout routine carefully as you will need more time to relax and choosing effective exercises. It is very important to exercise when you are at your 35s as it will ease the symptoms of hormonal changes and menopause symptoms. Regular exercises will help you to reduce the level of stress and anxiety and help you to relax.

How women should work out at their 60s

When we get older it becomes difficult to perform some of the exercises so you should find a good workout routine according to your age.

You may also notice that compared to your 35s it becomes hard for you to recover from training. We recommend you to exercise three times a week to improve your posture and prevent aging.