If you can’t hold this pose for 50 seconds, you might have health problems

Are you one of those who are looking for a perfect exercise to help you with all the possible problems? Can’t say we blame you. How is your research going? Probably not very well, because there is barely any source that will tell, that to be completely healthy and good-looking you need only one exercise.

What magical exercise is that, you may wonder? The answer may have entered your mind a couple of times already – it is plank. Yet, nothing is simple, neither is plank. To get some result you should know how to carry this exercise out, in a correct way. In case you know how it is supposed to be done properly, but you can’t do that, it may alarm you that there is something wrong with you.

If your core muscles are too weak that may have a dire outcome if you do not pay attention to it immediately. Yet, there is barely anything that plank would be able to improve. With its help, you will not only make your lower back and upper body stronger, you will be able to be resistant to most kinds of injury, not to mention that your posture will be better and abs will be shred.

So far so good, right? But as we move forwards it only gets better. Usually, to have a proper workout, you have to go to gym or workout at home, which requires some time. Working out at home may be less time consuming, but less effective altogether, since we doubt that you have all the equipment they usually have at gym.

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The thing with plank – you can do anywhere, literally – anywhere, and there is nothing you need except for you! What is more, you can do it even naked! Unless you are outside and everyone can see you, of course.

Devote only 50 seconds of your time daily, and embrace all the benefits coming towards you. Keep fit and healthy and do plank! Good luck!