Ladies, summer is here and if you have not yet started to work on your bikini body, it is better to get down to work. The hardest part is strengthening and shaping your hips and legs, so I will offer a brief but effective training just right for them.

Here are the 6 inner thigh exercises:

1. Plie / sumo squats
2. Plie / sumo pulses
3. Single leg lateral hops
4. Bridge raises
5. Raised bridge pulses
6. “The thigh gap toner”

Whenever you do an inner thigh workout, try to remember “quality over quantity”. Focus on proper form and breathing until you feel the burn. This is more important than worrying about the number of reps you do.

At home or out walking, you can take benefit from the stairs for an excellent training to make perfect legs.

Climb up and step down with a normal pace.
Climb slowly sideways, shifting the lower leg over the top, crossing them. Keep your head up. Get down normally and re-climb, but now turn to the other side.
Stand on the bottom stair with the right and then with the left foot, and then step down. Shift your legs (right up, left up, right down, left down) ten times. Repeat the exercise, but now start with the left foot.

Climb the stairs two at a time and go down one by one.
Place your right foot on the first or second step, bend the knee and go down to a half a squat. Let the right knee be aligned with the ankle as you do this. Push with the right foot to return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise with the left foot. Shift your legs until you make a total of 20 squats.
Once again climb and go down the stairs at a normal pace.
Beautiful and sexy legs are one of the most powerful adorn of the female body, but rare are the lucky ones that nature has gifted with such a “perfect pair”. So work on ladies!

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