Inner Thigh Workout for Women

Amanda Butler demonstrates four incredibly effective thigh exercises. Do these two times a week for killer stems.

1. The Wide-Stance Plie Squat.


Stand in a wide stance (with your feet outside of your shoulders) and turn your toes out to the side. Drop straight down into a squat, feeling the stretch in your inner thighs. Shift your weight to your left leg as you come up, and sweep your right leg to the outside of your left. Go back to starting positiong and repeat 20 times, alternating legs

2. Single Leg Squat.


Grab a hand towel and place it under your right toes (if you’re on carpeting, you’ll want a sliding disk). Stand with your feet together, toes pointed forward. Shift your weight onto your left leg and sweep your right leg out as far as you possibly can. Slowly draw your left leg back in and repeat. Do 15 reps and switch legs. You’ll want to really press your anchoring foot down and push your butt all the way back for maximum effect.

3. The Side Plank Lift.


Lie on your right side and prop body up on your right extended forearm, palm flat to floor. Extend your left leg straight out, toes pointed. Bend your right knee and place your right foot flat on floor just behind your left leg, keeping your hips stacked in a side plank position. Shift your weight onto your right leg, leaving your right toe barely touching the floor. Squeeze your thighs together as you lift your left leg up to meet your right knee, hold for two counts then lower. Repeat for 15 reps, then switch sides. To make the exercise more challenging, place your left palm on the floor and keep your left arm straight.

4. The Side Leg Lift.


Lay on your left side and stack your legs on top of each other. Raise your right leg to about shoulder height and hold it there. Next, raise your left leg up to meet the right and bring it back down again — all while keeping the right leg raised. Do 15 lifts then switch sides. Once you get the move down, repeat but use tiny pulses instead of long lifts — move your left leg up and down rapidly without touching the floor or your right leg.
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