When it comes to developing strong and good looking glutes, most of us think about squats right away. But, now we’re going to do this challenge with some different squats, explosive moves and more. And, as always, make sure you execute the moves with a proper form.

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The Shrimp Squat
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Start with a upright position. Ben your knee so you can grab your ankle behind your back. Then, slowly lower yourself down, until you touch the ground with your knee. Stand back up.

Side Kicks

Squat Side Kick | Illustrated Exercise Guide
You can perform the side kicks slowly for a muscle control and balance, or flat out for aerobic experience. Shape your foot as you’re kicking out, so that your imagined impact point is the blade of the foot. Retract your leg as fast as you send it out.
While performing the shrimp squat, reach your free arm out in front to counterbalance the weight of the leg behind. Pitch your chest forward, to keep balance.
If you want to make the move more difficult, place both arms behind the back. But, do this only if you’re ready for it.