Jen Selter‘s secret to having the Internet’s most famous ass? Having equally amazing abs! The flatter your abs are, the bigger and better your butt will look, Selter says, so try these four quick moves demonstrated by Jen herself.

1. Spider Crawl.


 Begin standing up with your feet shoulder-width apart. Circle your arms around and over your head and crawl into pushup position, keeping your legs straight. Do one pushup and slowly crawl back to starting position. Make sure your feet stay planted. Repeat 10 times and do three sets.

2. Frog. 

Begin in push-up positon with your feet together. Flex your right foot, bend your right leg, and bring it out to the side with your inner thigh facing the floor. Try to touch your knee to your elbow while slightly bending at your waist. Return the foot to starting position with control and switch sides. This counts as one rep, so complete this three times doing 50 reps each time.

3. The Hot Stepper. 


Start standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms bent with your hands up by your shoulders.Begin driving your knees up toward your chest while keeping your back straight. Switch legs as fast as you can while maintaining control. You can do these in place or walking while gradually increasing your speed. Continue this move for one minute, and be sure to do three sets.

4. Jumping Jacks. 


Jumping Jacks are the perfect choice for a quick and easy cardio move. Start standing with your feet together and your arms at your side. Jump and spread your legs until they’re wider than shoulder-width apart while bringing your arms up through the sides until they meet above your head. Jump back to starting position. Repeat this movement for one minute, adding 20 more seconds each day.

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