Lexi Reed changed her lifestyle and lost 285 pounds in 18 months

Lexi and her husband used to go to a Chinese buffet for a night out to eat there and eat 7 plates of food each. Chinese dishes are famous for their huge fried high-calorie food portions. That was their favorite pastime together.

This couple could not imagine their life without fast food, chocolate, and cakes and this uncontrollable overeating led them to gain a large amount of extra weight. At that time Lexi’s weight was almost 500 pounds.

When Lexi started her transformation, she created a page on Instagram. She was looking for support to start her difficult struggle with obesity.

In this article, we will see how this brave girl and her husband changed their lifestyle and became slim, strong and healthy.

The transformation of Lexi and Danny

Lexi met her husband Danny 10 years ago when her weight was 300 pounds. He never tried to change her and he always loved her for who she was but Lexi dreamed of becoming a healthy, to live with him happily and to be able to have children.

That is why on New Year’s day 2016 Lexi made a bet with her friend and this changed her life.

She and her husband had to follow 2 important rules: to cook food at home and exercise 4-5 hours a week. It was difficult for them but they did it!

The first month of the challenge they got used to a proper diet but it started to become their lifestyle in the second month. Lexi begins to do cardio for 30 minutes 4-5 times a week.

Her weight was still very bad, so each workout was a great achievement for her. Lexi knew that it would be impossible to slim down in 1 day. Slimming is a long and difficult journey.

Lexi and Danny used to watch TV every night, eat a lot of fast-food and not talk. Now they spend hours in the gym and walk a lot. They enjoy their new lifestyle and they like their conversations when they are walking.

Lexi is proud that she changed her life and she can’t believe she has lost 270 pounds. She believes that everyone can change their lives and achieve their goals.

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